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Congratulations to the GPT Guru team for having a truly fantastic AMA!

It was a great opportunity for our community to engage with the CMO and gain valuable insights into the capabilities of GPT Guru. Well done!

GPT Guru is the next-generation GPT AI Model empowering Web 3.0 community to make wonders in Blockchain industry!

To prepare for their IDO, we hosted an AMA with Muhammad Hamza - CMO & Creative Director on BinStarter Telegram Official Channel. In case you missed it, here’s a quick AMA recap!

Introduction Round

Q1. First of all, please tell us about yourself and the rest of the team behind GPT Guru, their background and expertise.

My name is Muhammad Hamza, I'm the CMO & Creative Director at GPT Guru. I've been working with versatile blockchain projects including dApps, NFT Games, Web 3.0 Websites, etc over the past few years. I beleive that the look and presentation of every web 3.0 product matters a lot because it helps not only in marketing but also to bring the awareness of blockchain product itself and about Web 3.0 for the community.

Looking forward to have some amazing AMA questions as we know that everyone around is passionate about the GPT Guru and its IDO Launch.

Salman Altaf, Imran Khan, and Naveed Ishfaq are the core members of the team GPT Guru. The whole team of GPT Guru has been KYC verified by CertiK as well because we believe that with transparency comes trust.

Salman Altaf

Salman Altaf has been working on different blockchain projects over the last few years, having a vision to bring the opportunities of web 3.0 for the whole community with the revolution of AI, he came up with the idea of GPT Guru.

Imran Khan

Imran Khan is working as an Assistant Professor at IIUI along with Consultant on different International Software Development Projects for IR Solutions. He's been working on Blockchain, Virtual Reality (VR), ChatGPT, Machine Learning, and AI produtcs over the last few years.

He has done his Ph.D. in AI with Kent State University from Kent Ohio, USA.

More than 30 plus research articles have been published in the field of AI by Imran Khan.

Naveed Ishfaq

Naveed has a versatile experience in web 3.0, he’s been working with well-renowned blockchain projects as a strategic partner, advisor, and VC over the years to provide productive contributions to the Web 3.0 space.

He’s been working on the designing of AI and Analytics tools to generate highly performance-based Trade signals based on historical data. Performing Multiple tasks over Generative Pre-Trained Transformer to get Blockchain-based required data using model training techniques.

Q2. We are interested to know about the project, could you please give us a brief introduction of GPTGuru?

There could be nothing better than talking about GPT Guru and its vision for the blockchain industry. Well, GPT Guru is a next-generation AI tool empowering the Web 3.0 community fueling their creativity and productivity to unlock their true potential.

Powered by AI and Machine Learning, GPT Guru is developed in a way that it helps everyone including developers, artists, traders, content creators, and everyone to bring more business opportunities with the precision of AI.

🚀 Following are the main unique highlights of the GPT Guru 🚀

🤖 AI Trading Indicators (Spot & Futures)

🤖 Train AI To Earn

🤖 Create NFT Marketplace and Mint NFTs

🤖 AI Art Creator

🤖 Smart Contract Creator (RUST & Solidity for Solana)

🤖 Smart Contract Auditor (with Downloadable PDF Support) and more AI features for Web 3.0 and even the Web 2.0 community.

Besides the main features, we're also working on some more developments and features that we'll be announcing in upcoming days. GPT Guru is like a whole AI-powered ecosystem.

Q3. Could you please also provide an overview of the key components of GPTGuru? We’re eager to learn about the core functionalities and anticipated outcomes of GPTGuru.

🤖 AI Trading Indicators (Spot & Futures)

GPT Guru will be offering exclusive AI-powered crypto signals for both Spot and Futures trading to make people earn following the Guru signals and earn profits.

🤖 Train AI To Earn

A new AI training model that will be empowering Guru believers to train Guru AI, submit their data for training, and earn $GPTG token rewards in return

🤖 Create NFT Marketplace and Mint NFTs

GPT Guru will allow everyone to create NFT marketplace within few prompts and clicks, also they'll be able to design and mint NFTs into their wallet right away.

🤖 AI Art & Content Creator

Create art, scripts, blogs, content or anything with the AI Art Creator and AI Content Creator

🤖 Smart Contract Creator (RUST & Solidity for Solana)

Allowing developers to create smart contracts on any network, also AI support made live for the first time for Sui Network.

🤖 Smart Contract Auditor (with Downloadable PDF Support) and more AI features for Web 3.0 and even the Web 2.0 community.

Perform secure audits of smart contracts on any network to never compromise on security of dApps, NFT Games, or any web 3.0 products. Also, you'll be able to download secure AUDIT report in PDF

GURU AI Chat will be answering the questions of the people who want to learn about Web 3.0 and blockchain space. Learning and earning go along that's what will be offered by the GPT Guru

Q4. Let’s dive into the AI integration aspect. What sets your AI tool app apart from the others in the market? We’re curious to learn about the unique features and capabilities that make it stand out from the crowd when it comes to harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence.

Well, that's an interesting question because GPT Guru has lots of main unique features that make GPT Guru a way better and unique AI tool than any other platform in the market.

Let's have a look at all the utiilities of $GPTG Token and services going to be availed through GPT Guru app.

Users can spend/stake $GPTG to use the following AI services of GPT Guru

1- Train Guru AI and Earn

2- Receive Exclusive AI Trading Indicators (Spot & Futures)

3- Guru AI Trading Support

4- -Integration of GPT Guru AI

5- Access to GPT Guru SDK

6- Create Art with Guru AI Art Creator

7- Generate Smart Contracts on any network

8- AI Content Creator for Web 3.0 and even web 2.0 community.

9- Generate Safe and Secure Smart Contracts Audits on any network (With Downloadable PDF Support)

10- Access to GPT Guru SDK

11- Trade $GPTG on DEXs and CEXs

Also, have a look at the comparison table that brings more light:

Q5. We’re very interested in understanding the details of your tokenomics and the enticing benefits that investors can enjoy when they purchase your tokens. It would be great if you could provide insights into the specific utilities that your tokens offer and how they enhance the overall experience for token holders?

These are the following utilities of $GPTG being offered for all the GPT Guru users,

Users can spend/stake $GPTG to use the following AI services of GPT Guru

1- Train Guru AI and Earn

2- Receive Exclusive AI Trading Indicators (Spot & Futures)

3- Guru AI Trading Support

4- -Integration of GPT Guru AI

5- Access to GPT Guru SDK

6- Create Art with Guru AI Art Creator

7- Generate Smart Contracts on any network

8- AI Content Creator for Web 3.0 and even web 2.0 community.

9- Generate Safe and Secure Smart Contracts Audits on any network (With Downloadable PDF Support)

10- Access to GPT Guru SDK

11- Trade $GPTG on DEXs and CEXs

Team GPT Guru is working on more surprising and exciting developments that will be increasing the utilities of $GPTG token even more.

Q6. Could you please elaborate on the “Train and Earn” features of GPTGuru? We’re keen to understand how these particular aspects of the tool work and the opportunities it presents for users to generate income or rewards.

Yes, Train AI to Earn is one of the most highlighted features of GPT Guru

It's way simple to use, All a Guru user have to do is to get into GPT Guru app, click on Train AI feature.

From there, he can train the Guru AI across any blockchain like Ethereum, BSC, Sui or any other topic as well.

Train to Earn have two sub-modes

1- Basic Mode

In basic mode, every day random questions will be generated for the users to give their answers against those questions related to any chain or any topic of Web 3.0, their answers will be submitted and based on relevant data and approval, the Guru user will be earning rewards in $GPTG tokens.

2- Advanced Mode

In advanced mode, user is way free to write any dataset into prompt section and provide more details without any questions limitation and based on the data relevancy and approval, the user will be getting good rewards in $GPTG Tokens

More details, and guides will be shared every week to keep everyone aware from every feature of GPT Guru app.

Q7. Could you give us some details on your Roadmap and how GPTGuru is doing so far? It would be wonderful to learn about the key milestones you have achieved and your future plans for the project. Could you provide some insights into the long-term vision for your project?


✅ Concept Feasibility

✅ Technical Research & Analysis

✅ Product Planning

✅ Team Building

✅ $GPTG Smart Contract Development

✅ $GPTG Audit

✅ GPT Guru is Secured by Certik (

- Certik KYC

- Certik Audit

✅ $GPTG Listing on CoinMarketCap (

✅ GPT Guru CoinMarketCap Community Verification

✅ Whitepaper

✅ Pitch Deck

✅ Website Launch

✅ Crossed 70,000+ Followers on Twitter

✅ Legal Opinion Letter

✅ KYC Verification Badge by CertiK

✅ Got Bit Incubation Partner Announcement

✅ Onboarding of IDO Launchpad Partners

1- GameFi (Lead Launchpad)

2- RedKite

3- Arbipad

4- Suipad

5- BinStarter

6- AptosLaunch

✅4000+ People watchlisted $GPTG on CoinMarketCap

✅Beta App of GPT Guru LIVE for all users with 10 free credits until TGE.

✅ 7000 followers already crossed on GPT Guru CMC Community Profile

✅ Onboarding of VCs and Strategic Partners going on.

✅Onboarding of KOLs going on.

✅Finalizing Dates with Launchpad Partners and CEXs

✅ AMAs with Launchpad Partners Going On

✅ Development of some new features and upcoming modules (Going on)

There are lots of developments and things going around and we're proud of our team the way they're passionate and working on all developments and features.

Q8. We’re also curious about your strategy to make GPTGuru accessible to a wide audience. How do you plan to bring it to the masses?

Yes, we're also focused on bringing awareness of GPT Guru app to even non-english regions which is why we've seperate TG groups of these regioins are already set up. Here are the following TG groups set up for non-english regions.






Moreover, we're also planning to come up with even more AMAs in these local communities to bring awareness of GPT Guru AI to everyone all around the World to be able to learn and earn with GPT Guru.

Q9. Why should we invest in GPTGuru?

I would say WHY NOT?

Well, if we take a look at all main highlighted features of GPT Guru, every single feature either its Train AI to Earn, Guru AI Chat, Exclusive AI Trading Signals, and many others. All features have been brought to the Guru Community and developed with a vision and a mission.

Vision to bring a AI Revolution into Web 3.0 space to achieve a mission which is to make people learn Web 3.0 to be able to avail all the possible and unexplored opportunities of Web 3.0.

Like there is a big void space of trust and it gets way hard for all newcomers who join the Web 3.0 space. They won't prefer learning Web 3.0 and blockchain but rather they unfortunately fall into crypto scams and fraud so GPT Guru AI ecosystem has been developed and implemented with an aim to make people learn more to earn handsome passive income and also earn profits backed by Exclusive AI Trading Signals for SPOT and Futures trading.

Long story short, It's a long term vision to bring long-term benefits and productivity for the people despite poor conditions of the market because learning leads to earning always and learning never stops, no matter whatever conditions.

Q10. Before we move to the live questions round, do you have any final thoughts or key points you would like to share with us? We’d love to hear any additional information or closing remarks you have.

It's been great questions so far Ana, as I always love to answer such questions because this give trust, confidence, and motivation to everyone around that YES the vision is right behind the project and team is super passionate about what they're building.

I'd like to share the hint that some surprising features and exciting developments might come up live at any time and announced at any social of GPT Guru so please follow every social of Guru because you never know from where a surprise news come up and you don't waste the time to avail that.

Twitter | TG Channel | TG Group | Linkedin | Youtube | Medium

$GPTG on CoinMarketCap | GPT Guru CMC Community Profile

Also, please beaware of fake TG Groups/Channels and fake pre-sale sites of $GPTG. Follow only official socials mentioned above.

Also, GPT Guru app is made live for everyone to go check out and use free 10 credits to use Guru Features for free until IDO. This is the limited time offer and right after TGE, the $GPTG token holders will be able to use exclusive AI services of GPT Guru

Please visit to use Guru app for free

Live Question Round

Q1. I am SUper Curious About Your AI TRADING SIGNALS. How will it work , and How much you are sure about its accuracy , because there are so many other Trading BOTS available which are ended up as a loss for users?

Well, currently GPT Guru is offering exclusive AI Trading signals for SPOT but in upcoming months GURU AI will be also offering crypto indicators for Futures as well. As far as the accuracy and reliability of signals is concerned,
GPT Guru AI doesn't guarantee 100% profits against every signal that is being generated by GPT Guru so please DYOR but we're excited to share with you that in last 3-5 days we've received a very great feedback from our community regarding Guru AI Trading signals.

All Guru users' have achieved their targets that they followed from crypto signal of GURU AI and lots of users have gained profits even 10x+ so that's all happening and we're making sure to polish this feature more to make it much beneficial for users.

Q2. Can you tell me more details on the IDO? The schedule and contribution for each?

The IDO Schedule for $GPTG has been recently announced having all GPT Guru's IDO Partners and Dates. Here are the IDO Partners and IDO Dates for $GPTG

🤖 GameFi - 5th June

🤖 RedKitePad - 5th June

🤖 SuiPad - 5th June

🤖 ArbiPad - 5th June

🤖 BinStarter - 3rd June

🤖 Aptos Launch - 5th June

From Binstarter to GameFi, SuiPad to ArbiPad, every Launchpad Partner of GPT Guru is truly backing the vision of GPT Guru and all are looking forward to the biggest and amazing IDO of GPT Guru $GPTG

Q3. Crypto staking is a great system. Does your project have that system? If "YES" so, what are the requirements for an investor?

Yes, GPT Guru $GPTG Staking Tiers will be announced very soon and all the $GPTG Token holders will be able to avail all premium features of Guru AI.

Q4. About the roadmap, what’s the next step ? (collaboration, multichain, new assets…)

Following are the 3 developments on priority that team GPT Guru is looking forward to bring in next 2-3 months.

Future Signals: Besides Initial Support for AI Trading Indicators for Spot Trading, team GPT Guru will be working on to bring exclusive trading indicators support for Futures Trading as well backed by crypto analysts and financial experts.

Mobile App: Team will be working on to bring the Android and iOS version of GPT Guru AI to provide smart access to both Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 community to be able to avail exclusive AI services right from their smartphones.

Other Layer 1 Chains Support: Team GPT Guru will be working on to provide an extensive support of other Layer 1 chains for the GPT Guru to be able to create more business opportunities and utility.

Q5. About 80% of investors are focused on the value of the token in the short term rather than understanding the true value of the project. Can you tell us about the motivation and benefits for investors to hold your token long-term?

Well, as I've mentioned earlier the vision and mission behind GPT Guru is long term to make it a beneficial, productive, and professional, AI ecosystem for all the GPT Guru users. Every single utility of $GPTG has been defined following the long-term benefits and earning.

Here are the utilities of $GPTG Token

1- Train Guru AI and Earn

2- Receive Exclusive AI Trading Indicators (Spot & Futures)

3- Guru AI Trading Support

4- -Integration of GPT Guru AI

5- Access to GPT Guru SDK

6- Create Art with Guru AI Art Creator

7- Generate Smart Contracts on any network

8- AI Content Creator for Web 3.0 and even web 2.0 community.

9- Generate Safe and Secure Smart Contracts Audits on any network (With Downloadable PDF Support)

10- Access to GPT Guru SDK

11- Trade $GPTG on DEXs and CEXs

Team is working on to bring more utilities along with new developments.

Q6. I know that AI is a trend now but given the market situation, how are you going to ensure that price will stabilized during your listing? Do you have any backup plans just in case there will be a dump?

GPT Guru team has no way looking back because we're standing with our vision which is why every feature and utility of $GPTG has been implemented and developed to make it long-term productive and beneficial to avoid any instability on the product.

Q7. In the realm of smart contract creation, what unique features or techniques does GPT Guru employ to ensure the security and reliability of the generated contracts, especially in complex multi-party transactions and agreements?

Smart Contracts safe audits will be generated by Guru AI along with downloadable PDF Support to make sure that every smart contract generated by Guru also gets audited as well to make sure no one bring any harm to the product of user either its a dAPP, nft game, or any web 3.0 product.

Team is working on to make sure to bring more security support.

Q8. Are you confident that your project will survive even in this bear market? If yes, where does this confidence comes from?

Confidence comes with Vision and Believe on one team's abilities and passion. Our confidence has already reached into sky heights due to all the response of our community who have already started using GPT Guru app. With long-term AI powered approach our vision and mission both will take Guru to the next level of AI revolution in Web 3.0

Q9. Why did GPTGuru choose to employ Artificial intelligence technology in its project . What brought up that decision?

Well, AI has a big potential if we talk about the technology but when it comes to AI in Web 3.0 space, it brings more unexplored opportunities and earning learning in a very easy and simple way for people.

AI is opening the doors of Web 3.0 even wider to make it welcoming for everyone not complex which is why AI has been our main focus for GPT Guru.

Q10. GPT Guru supports the establishment of NFT marketplaces. How do you think NFTs will transform the concept of digital ownership in the future, and how does GPT Guru assist creators in adapting to this new environment?

Many think that NFTs don't have the future but we believe that NFTs is going to empower the big artists community and what could be best than empowering artists with AI tool of GPT Guru that allows them to bring their creativity into art with in simple prompt.

We'll be releasing guides and more things to bring dedicated support for NFT artists and creators who want to create NFT marketplaces.

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