YachtingVerse IDO Allocations + Details


BinStarter is very honored to have an opportunity to launch the IDO event for the YachtingVerse project. YachtingVerse is the world's first marine themed metaverse/ VR platform and SuperAPP designed specifically for the yachting industry. It is not only business to business but also business to individual and individual to individual.

IDO Details

Token Type: BEP20
Price per Token: $0.05
Total Allocation: $100,000
Vesting Schedule: TGE 20%, 6-month-linear vesting
Initial Market Cap: $58,750
Accepted Currency: $BUSD

Raise Date: April 30th, 2023
PCS Listing: May 5th, 2023
Location & IDO Page & Timer: https://bsr.binstarter.io/ido/project/63f338db92546090350ff1ab

IDO Allocation Distributions:

Tier 8:
Time: UTC 16:00–19:00
Each Allocation Amount: 1280 BUSD ( ~$1280)

Tier 7:
Time: UTC 16:00–19:00
Each Allocation Amount: 640 BUSD ( ~$640)

Tier 6:
Time: UTC 16:00–19:00
Each Allocation Amount: 320 BUSD ( ~$320)

Tier 5:
Time: UTC 16:00–19:00
Each Allocation Amount: 160 BUSD ( ~$160)

Tier 4:
Time: UTC 16:00–19:00
Each Allocation Amount: 80 BUSD ( ~$80)

Tier 3:
Time: UTC 16:00–19:00
Each Allocation Amount: 40 BUSD ( ~$40)

Tier 2:
Time: UTC 16:00–19:00
Each Allocation Amount: 20 BUSD ( ~$20)

Tier 1:
Time: UTC 16:00–19:00
Each Allocation Amount: 10 BUSD ( ~$10)

Gleam Campaign:
Time: UTC 16:00–19:00

Gleam Winner List:

0x2237a88d14594f00A68eED4B39b99BF155da2dc4 1000 0xBf92c6633847Ef47bBB681381d59aEe688a10236 750 0xDFaed1EF14501B531Fe362564Cd759D37bd6e743 500 0x0fb6eE46e1BbCb72d17642BAC05b2BAe7B3e014E 500 0x8425176e0b0E1d2CB0220a7EB7702F215440eDf3 500 0xc25363D64FF47EA71513168c2571f3Eaa2DA8CDe 500 0x3aDf862893EF58ceF0F60ac45FF9cCC1501d50EA 500 0xf8B152d4Bba4CBa4828F6A5628EbB3536Bf09C41 500 0x0f22eA10321A5ec4e4A53f8209E0F38161f401f3 500 0x234C0996BC0Df4eA098fC139706021aeC19Ef840 500 0xe6b7B3565f52369cea06c72e978c2A51a7389AAF 100 0xB2C7CAcd02C7e70BcdECa301EdDFF5f907Ca4da1 100 0x6cfbA969A424baC0f18d1CA674f34B8B2907bb5f 100 0xBe01124531Bd47C6eC6E228c998c3EdC72132AA7 100 0x6C77a24574CB98c38ef0e6B70A87456DdFB9e574 100 0xfeb8DeAAC724f98ccB51B20C0a2384e7082bE8D9 100 0xF6597c3c521aE2baa9E1B2163Bb927839f928E96 100 0xB65D8fA251dd7CEb7d462511BDae63Bd631F1C11 100 0x569604b96ECf6d088A2D2a668594825FaF850B28 100 0xB442977bCEF5b8219eA6B4D8143A0db09739cF9E 100 0xB5D1c37ac2C8FeeE5c065f13ACf3C26F6F561A0e 100 0x351c4164d4ca7d8DF085fA060d77c64Dd3fFA0d6 100

FCFS BSR Stakers Rounds and Details for YachtingVerse:

  • FCFS 1st Round: For BSR stakers only - Up to 50% of the existing allocation (Duration: 19:00–19:10 UTC or sold out )
  • FCFS 2nd Round: For BSR stakers only -Up to 100% of the existing allocation (Duration: 19:10–19:20 UTC or sold out )
  • FCFS 3rd Round: For BSR stakers only -Up to 200% of the existing allocation (Duration: 19:20–19:30 UTC or sold out)

FCFS Public Round Details for YachtingVerse:                                             Duration: Starts on April 30th at UTC 19:30 - Ends on May 1st at UTC 16:00 or — till sold out

*Must have BSR staked in pools during Whitelisting to purchase in 1st, 2nd and 3rd FCFS rounds. If all allocations are sold out in the first 3 rounds, there will not be a 4th FCFS round for the public.

YachtingVerse Gleam Campaign Details:
BinStarter has conducted a successful gleam campaign for YachtingVerse that has garnered 12,610+ entries.

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