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A. IDO Rounds

The following are the 2 phases of IDO sale that you may choose from depending on your eligibility.

Phase 1* Guaranteed Allocation and Gleam

a. Guaranteed allocation for BSR Stakers and Gleam Winners

BSR stakers from Tier 1-8 are eligible to participate in IDO sale from the same pool. The allocation amount that BSR stakers can purchase will be dependent on one’s tier level. The higher the tier level, the higher your purchase limit will be. Winners from the Gleam campaign are also eligible to purchase from the same pool.

Pool Round Details for Medieval Empires:
- Guaranteed allocation for pools:

December 16th, 2022 UTC 16:00–19:00
- Gleam: December 16th, 2022 UTC 16:00- 19:00

Phase 2* First Come First Serve Rounds

a. FCFS For BSR Stakers

When Phase 1 ends, all BSR stakers may purchase the remaining tokens with no limits or until token supply lasts. Round details for FCFS for BSR Stakers are as below.

FCFS BSR Stakers Rounds and Details for Medieval Empires:
- FCFS 1st Round: For BSR stakers only - Up to 50% of the existing allocation (Duration: 19:00–19:10 UTC or sold out )
- FCFS 2nd Round: For BSR stakers only -Up to 100% of the existing allocation (Duration: 19:10–19:20 UTC or sold out )
- FCFS 3rd Round: For BSR stakers only -Up to 200% of the existing allocation (Duration: 19:20–19:30 UTC or sold out)

b. FCFS For Public    

After FCFS for BSR stakers, non-BSR-stakers may purchase the remaining tokens up to the set purchase limit for each participant.

FCFS Public Round Details for Medieval Empires:                                                                    Duration: Starts on December 16th, 2022 at 19:30 UTC– Ends on December 17th, 2022 at 16:00  UTC— till sold out

B. Medieval Empires IDO Allocations Giveaway

10 Guaranteed Allocations will be given out to the top 10 participants that accumulated the most points in the event. 40 Allocations will be given out randomly.

Here is the top 10 winners allocations details;

1. $1000 Guaranteed Allocation​

2. $750 Guaranteed Allocation

3. $500 Guaranteed Allocation

4. $500 Guaranteed Allocation

5. $500 Guaranteed Allocation

6. $500 Guaranteed Allocation

7. $500 Guaranteed Allocation

8. $500 Guaranteed Allocation

9. $500 Guaranteed Allocation

10. $500 Guaranteed Allocation

Rest of the winners will receive a $250 Guaranteed Allocation.

The Gleam Competition is still going on till December 15th at 16:00 UTC.

Gleam participants can see the winners list from the “Medieval Empires IDO Allocations and Details” article that will be published on Binstarter Blog on December 15th at 20:00 UTC.

C. How to Purchase an IDO Token

1. From the BinStarter Application website, click IDO Projects. It will display all the projects that will be launched on BinStarter. Click the Medieval Empires name or logo to proceed.

Make sure you are connected to the network of the project you are participating in.

2. From the IDO page, project details and links are displayed. There will only be 1 pool for all Tier levels from 1-8 and Gleam Winners.This is where you will be able to purchase the project token.

If you click on the “Join Whitelist” button on the project page before December 15th 16:00 UTC, you will see the Whitelisted label on the pool and will be eligible to purchase project tokens. If you haven’t done this earlier please visit the project page and join whitelist for the IDO from below link

Tier details and weights are as follows;

  • Tier 1 — min 1000 BSR — Pool 1 — 1x Guaranteed Allocation
  • Tier 2 — min 2000 BSR — Pool 2 — 2x Guaranteed Allocation
  • Tier 3 — min 4000 BSR — Pool 3 — 4x Guaranteed Allocation
  • Tier 4 — min 8000 BSR — Pool 4 — 8x Guaranteed Allocation
  • Tier 5 — min 16000 BSR — Pool 5 — 16x Guaranteed Allocation
  • Tier 6 — min 32000 BSR — Pool 6 — 32x Guaranteed Allocation
  • Tier 7 — min 64000 BSR  — Pool 7 — 64x Guaranteed Allocation
  • Tier 8 — min 128000 BSR — Pool 8 — 128x Guaranteed Allocation

Allocation amounts for each Tier for Medieval Empires project will also be announced with the “Medieval Empires IDO Allocations and Details” article on BinStarter Blog.

3. From the sale pool, enter the Amount you wish to spend on a project allocation. Check which network the IDO is on and make sure that you have adequate corresponding tokens in the wallet connected to BinStarter APP to cover the total amount including the network fees. Click the Approve button to proceed.

4. MetaMask (or the wallet address with which you're connected to the BinStarter app) confirmation popup will then be displayed. Click the Confirm button to approve the purchase.

5. After approving the buy order, click the Swap button to complete the process of purchasing project tokens.

6. MetaMask confirmation popup will then be displayed. Click the Confirm button to swap a stable coin with the project token.

7. Purchased project tokens will be available from My Allocations page before the day of Tokens Generation Event (TGE) You will be able to claim the token through My Allocations according to the project token vesting schedule.

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