Taroverse IDO Allocations + Details


BinStarter is very honored to have an opportunity to launch the IDO event for the Taroverse project. Taroverse is a shared space in the form of a digital island where players from around the world can interact with one another and with the ingame items through their digital avatars. It is a metaverse platform with multi Play-To-Earn games for a complete interactive social and GameFi experience.

IDO Details

Token Type: BEP20
Price per Token: $0.018
Total Allocation: $150,000
Vesting Schedule: 15% at TGE, 1 month cliff, 85% unlocked over 120 days
Initial Market Cap: $758,000
Accepted Currency: $BUSD

Raise Date: April 25th, 2022
Biswap Listing: April 26th, 2022
Location & IDO Page & Timer: https://bsr.binstarter.io/ido/project/621b796f127421568336e4fe

IDO Allocation Distributions:

Pool 6:
Time: UTC 16:00–19:00
Each Allocation Amount: 736 BUSD ( ~$736)

Pool 5:
Time: UTC 16:00–19:00
Each Allocation Amount: 368 BUSD ( ~$368)

Pool 4:
Time: UTC 16:00–19:00
Each Allocation Amount: 184 BUSD ( ~$184)

Pool 3:
Time: UTC 16:00–19:00
Each Allocation Amount: 92 BUSD ( ~$92)

Pool 2:
Time: UTC 16:00–19:00
Each Allocation Amount: 46 BUSD ( ~$46)

Pool 1:
Time: UTC 16:00–19:00
Lottery Winners: 300
Each Allocation Amount: 23 BUSD ( ~$23)

Pool 1 Winner List: https://bsr.binstarter.io/ido/project/621b796f127421568336e4fe

Gleam Campaign:
Time: UTC 16:00–19:00
Gleam Winners: 100
Each Allocation Amount: 23 BUSD ( ~$23)

Gleam Winner List:

0xBD187eDB374407B23b5dbCfDd30b2D263cD4FE3B 0x42eaBe5E25Cc092eaE837961BE75BD5dfe182969 0xd8E9CFEAD51231de9d70c3C28e3Fde712996682D 0xf1047CEF262149CbDC78b3c30C59e5e84E5b7600 0xd444E737316C35C0Fa429f4035A4C603163A049f 0x25469dfFE6d0d88819D089C218CA21d15154Ad6F 0x0d6E58A9f9fCA9c4c2feF3171D6c9B542d13E8AF 0xe6b90bbCBe5b332e9584F03C394708a1fEe44ea6 0xBdD4835CA171A05F2C92980E9131fEA271A2c1e7 0x2b0150d53F475c51a748386E1B9CAD6B2eB8661a 0xE017D623549A16488d3710C2426e02b84d52C8f2 0xba93413a87Fb5ce95801c2Ad0f2c9a8486DCF24E 0x0a28594C645777A24eF9bd8Ce6D4BD1d207D0bFF 0xb61A34B239A9A6D6a56679c3304D5C697968DB2d 0x288BcC19A507be91527eaCE40cBf393464e34a59 0xDabf3042901f10b417C51bDCf2559c5484a9d3e6 0x4027d36CE8cDe79964D44c92e1B2cf3176106137 0x3e3967FFd6CAa386E36955080E0c175333281714 0x8dC8b8e134eF305D743379787b2738f31895b769 0x0794A93B8D994F357f022dF8f3Cf728a996368bd 0x3f02FA469bDE43295bFE21b461fe662B47E77f83 0x4838Ec1b7D9970bf8537965a3385e68786DA6F85 0x432fB651b736D133cFA5b485814516C59c4D04Ee 0xe484b02d155e0A23e5E0574585E60E6757697E08 0xa2c0F6698049ff3a7c7d20353659c74bF8dC5E4c 0x24f20C83Af0b1B33ED7404dd6B5E6995a600C461 0x1596b0303E42B7EC947087fc4eC81FB27f104952 0x4Cda86731a85C179144F8F0a723C333e5eC9C85D 0xE11AbEe68f0bD9663A242cfb6797c3FebD127936 0x035b147a28E7DB4dEa6b31457a6Cc456aFdfD9cD 0xd9A71a4b53DbB49Cc5e709D27D7A5B7932973800 0x67E73eA8c451bfB7e9796D4EFc93510EcbfbFC7a 0x0E09FaBB73Bd3Ade0a17ECC321fD13a19e81cE82 0x7C816509D8275D2Dee2494E0c61045f9565B077F 0xc79c87d165Ed916b85afe623f28B0ee1A5bA1C3C 0xF42808b2752c57fDE27b56214B679Bb15eDF79f8 0xdad66c225397735b07d7e7dbbf2dc57cf1eef779 0x8bAb66D14f37dCacE58C7752451B7C0F62f96674 0x81156b75aD2ac15eB837C3A6EA38dFC9601A87DD 0x91d8ad3b6a30Bd738A85331Be9afbAeE3744AA06 0x94a20E4719cDC59FD4475645B5E4e0b80cE39B12 0x98Cf82788953a0e4ABA1ADBA63e6ea9D71B84E8b 0x507F6d880c8BfdBfA5698F2E872cb8676beEF17c 0xe634289c5f5a10C0Ba1197ab799e700E9aa5D6b0 0x2fAc21151fD48e9641b62C93498bdCF94a9E2D3a 0xa8157b129aEDDDd6d073c305Fb36d704064A1059 0xa7074Fc4c1FBCBD2f5855c1A2405FDbC89c903bd 0x776B9987325a18cD44746C7b244aF73ea1C5fc22 0x57b0f09Af0DEf8DE8671587FDACE79d77381B0eB 0xf9da8E2E2729A42b0B130E2DC96fdBe23B954316

FCFS Rounds
1. FCFS BinStarter Round* (BSR Stakers) will start UTC 20:00–20:30 or till sold out

2. FCFS Round* will start UTC 20:30 - till sold out
Each Allocation Amount: TBA

*Must have BSR staked in pools during Whitelisting to purchase in “FCFS BinStarter Round”. If all allocations are sold out in 1st BinStarter round, there will not be a 2nd “FCFS Round” at UTC 20:30.

Taroverse Gleam Campaign Details:
BinStarter has conducted a successful gleam campaign for Taroverse that has garnered 663K+ entries.

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