"Timeless Renaissance Rewards" Campaign Guidelines


The "Timeless Renaissance Rewards" campaign by Binstarter offers an unparalleled and enduring opportunity for our community members. Aligned with the Binstarter Renaissance, this campaign grants extraordinary rewards to our dedicated participants in the DeFi space.

Campaign Terms and Conditions

- Eligibility: Open to all Binstarter users, including both existing and new members.

- Minimum Purchase Requirement: To qualify for the double IDO allocation, participants must purchase and stake at least 8,000 BSR tokens during the campaign period.

- Staking Commitment: To retain the campaign benefits, participants must continuously stake their BSR tokens without unstaking.

- Comprehensive Sales Restriction: Any sale of BSR tokens from a participant's wallet, starting from November 26th until the campaign's conclusion, will result in immediate disqualification. This rule is crucial for maintaining the campaign's integrity.

- Pre-Purchase Sales Prohibition: Selling pre-held BSR tokens before acquiring the required 8,000 BSR for campaign participation will also lead to disqualification. This policy is aimed at fostering genuine investment, deterring strategies that involve selling existing holdings before repurchasing BSR for eligibility.

- Intent and Fair Play: This regulation ensures fairness and commitment among participants, advocating for authentic engagement in the Binstarter ecosystem.

- Compliance: All participants are required to strictly adhere to transparent and fair play rules throughout the campaign.

- Instruction to Qualify: Participants need to provide their wallet address to have a lifetime benefit of double the IDO allocation and their transfer transaction hash to verify their BSR transfer to this form: https://forms.gle/RnZ1uttsiKXW3dGM6 


- Strict Adherence Required: Participants must avoid any BSR sales from their wallets from the campaign's start. Violation of this rule, irrespective of subsequent purchasing activities, disqualifies participants from the double IDO allocation benefit.

Campaign Benefits

- Double IDO Allocation: Eligible participants will receive a lifetime benefit of double the IDO allocation for their respective Tier level, as long as they maintain their staked BSR tokens. The double allocation advantages will come into effect upon the commencement of the first IDO.

Emphasis on Lifetime Reward

- Sustaining the Benefit: The longevity and validity of this reward are in the hands of participants, contingent upon adherence to the campaign's terms and conditions. Continuous staking of BSR without selling or unstaking is imperative for preserving this benefit.

- Reward Growth: This reward dynamically aligns with your Binstarter journey, offering increased benefits as you progress through Tier levels.

- Continuous Commitment: This lifetime reward hinges on consistent commitment to the Binstarter ecosystem, viewed as a long-term investment in the DeFi landscape.

- Tier Advancement: Purchasing and staking additional BSR during the campaign can lead to elevation in Tier status, further enhancing benefits.

Examples of Tier Advancements and Benefits

- Existing Tier 3 Investor Scenario: An investor in Tier 3, holding 4,000 BSR, who purchases an additional 12,000 BSR to reach 16,000 BSR, ascends to Tier 5. Normally eligible for 16x allocation, the campaign benefit doubles their allocation to 32x, matching Tier 6. 

- Existing Tier 8 Investor Scenario:  An investor in Tier 8, holding 128,000 BSR or more with a 128X allocation right, who purchases an additional 8,000 BSR, will remain in Tier 8 and will be eligible to receive a doubled allocation (X256) benefit.

- New Buyer Scenario: A new participant purchasing and staking 8,000 BSR immediately qualifies for Tier 4, enjoying an 8x guaranteed allocation. With the campaign benefit, this allocation doubles to 16x, matching Tier 5, as a lifetime advantage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is the double IDO allocation a permanent benefit?
- Yes, this is a lifetime benefit, contingent upon maintaining your staked BSR in accordance with the campaign's terms.

2. What are the consequences of selling or unstaking my BSR after the campaign ends?
- Selling or unstaking BSR results in disqualification from the campaign and forfeiture of the double IDO allocation benefit.

3. Can I upgrade my Tier during the campaign?
- Yes, upgrading your Tier is possible, with the double allocation benefit applying to your new Tier, subject to campaign terms.

4. Duration of the campaign?
- The campaign is scheduled for two weeks. Starting from November 26th, 2023 at 16:00PM UTC and ending December 10th, 2023 at 16:00PM UTC.

5. Are new members eligible for this campaign?
- Absolutely, new members are welcome to participate by meeting the minimum purchase and staking requirement of 8,000 BSR.


The "Timeless Renaissance Rewards" campaign represents a transformative opportunity within the Binstarter ecosystem, offering a significant lifetime benefit. This campaign is a testament to our dedication to acknowledging and appreciating the long-term commitment and engagement of our community in the DeFi world.

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Launched in June 2021, Binstarter is a trailblazer in decentralized finance, renowned as the first multi-chain IDO platform with an Extended Insurance Protocol (EIP). Our platform is committed to transparency, fairness, and innovation, offering secure and efficient fundraising solutions for startups. At Binstarter, we aim to revolutionize the DeFi landscape by reducing risks, enhancing user experiences, and empowering startups for successful launches.
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Launched in June 2021, Binstarter is a trailblazer in decentralized finance, renowned as the first multi-chain IDO platform with an Extended Insurance Protocol (EIP).