Launching the Future of Gaming: Our Partnership with Playtoo

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We are ecstatic to announce our partnership with Playtoo- the ultimate gaming platform for Gamers and Developers. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our journey to bring the most innovative and immersive gaming experiences to a global audience.

Introducing Playtoo

Playtoo is on a mission to transition classic web2 games from app stores into the web3 space. By offering a streamlined framework, Playtoo makes it easier for developers to upgrade traditional games to be web3-ready, ensuring they can earn a 50% share of the revenue. 

Moreover, Playtoo enriches the gaming experience with challenges and tournaments, aiming to boost user engagement and enjoyment. Playtoo's vision is to establish a decentralized gaming hub where developers enjoy higher earnings and users engage in exciting, rewarding games — all without any initial fees for developers and free access for players!

Their play-to-earn Web3 and Mobile platform delivers boundless entertainment, featuring hundreds of meticulously selected streaming games from top developers across the globe. Whether users are interested in competing in tournaments, engaging in 1VS1 challenges, or participating in multiplayer games, Playtoo offers a variety of options to suit every preference.

For the skilled developers out there, Playtoo presents a unique opportunity to display their games and fully realize their earning potential. With Playtoo, the opportunities are limitless.

As we venture into this thrilling new journey with Playtoo, keep an eye out for further updates!

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