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We are super-excited to announce that Patex - the first blockchain ecosystem targeting Latin America, a region with 670M+ people and a $5.5 trillion GDP, token sale on our platform is taking place on January 22nd, 2024.

Now, let's examine this amazing project in greater detail!

Key Metrics

Private Sale Price: $1.75  

Listing Price: $3                         

Initial Circulating Supply:  915,200

Initial Marketcap: $2,745,600

Token Sale Link: https://bsr.binstarter.io/ido/project/659d400d32617b4763accaad


Patex is the pioneering blockchain ecosystem in Latin America, playing a pivotal role as a bridge between regulators and users. With a robust user base exceeding 3.8 million, Patex offers a range of products and features within its ecosystem, including the Patex Network, C-Patex Exchange, Patex Campus, and $PATEX Token. The ecosystem employs innovative mechanisms like the Proof of Value system and Activity Mining to incentivize users and validators. It stands as the first blockchain ecosystem targeting Latin America, providing educational resources, a centralized exchange, and a Layer 2 blockchain.


  • A community base of over 250,000 individuals across various social media platforms.
  • Partnership with major brands in the web3 and traditional space.
  • Over 120,000 registered wallets on the Patex Network since the mainnet launch in July.
  • Over 20,000 active wallets on the Patex Network.
  • Over 70,000 monthly active users and 30,000 daily active users on C-Patex Exchange.
  • Over 100,000 app downloads.
  • Over 5,500,000 monthly visits to Patex's various websites such as Patex.io, C-Patex, and Patexscan.

Products & Features

  • Patex Network: A Layer 2 blockchain facilitating the issuance and tracking of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and cryptocurrencies.
  • C-Patex Exchange: A centralized cryptocurrency exchange offering regulation, management, and launch capabilities for CBDCs and cryptocurrencies.
  • Patex Campus: An educational platform for Latin America, providing blockchain education and career guidance with free and paid courses.
  • Patex Wallet: A native non-custodial, cross-chain crypto wallet that enables the secure storage, sending, and receiving of cryptocurrencies within the Patex ecosystem and other networks.
  • $PATEX Token: The utility token within the ecosystem, offering access to exclusive features, rewards, and benefits.
  • Activity Mining: A recurring reward system incentivizing users based on transaction activity recorded on the native chain.
  • Proof of Value: A consensus mechanism supporting Activity Mining, where users are compensated by validators in ETH, utilizing transaction fees.
  • Patex Bridge: A cross-chain token transfer solution facilitating swaps between Patex and other networks.
  • Patex Explorer: An on-chain analytics platform providing insights into assets, contracts, balances, and transactions for transparency.


Throughout 2022-2023, Patex achieved significant milestones, including team expansion, key partnerships in Latin America, a deal with a Brazilian investment fund, and successful mainnet and explorer launches. Innovations like Activity Mining and the Proof of Value System showcased their commitment to technology. The launch of a mobile app and cryptocurrency wallet, along with improved market standings, marked notable achievements.

Looking forward, Patex has outlined future milestones, with plans to launch the Patex Campus, establish regulatory partnerships, and play a key role in Latin America's Central Bank Digital Currencies, underscoring their ongoing commitment to development and innovation.

Revenue Streams

The diversified revenue approach positions Patex as a robust and multifaceted ecosystem, capturing income from various sources within the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, as well as from governments.

  • C-Patex Exchange: Transaction fees from trades conducted on the C-Patex Exchange contribute to the ecosystem's revenue.
  • Patex Campus: The ecosystem generates revenue through charges for educational offerings on Patex Campus, providing comprehensive courses and industry-specific skills training.
  • Government Partnerships for CBDC Initiatives: Anticipated revenue from partnerships with governments for Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) initiatives, showcasing a strategic avenue for income diversification.

Tokenomics & Token Utilities

  • Token name: Patex Token
  • Token Ticker: $PATEX
  • Token Standard: ERC-20
  • Network: Ethereum
  • Total Supply: 8,000,000
  • Fully Diluted Valuation: $24,000,000

BinStarter's investors will participate in the Series A Round and will have 10% of their tokens available at launch.

Series A Round cliff/vest Schedule: 10% TGE Unlock, 1-month cliff followed by 24 months monthly vesting $PATEX plays a crucial role within the Patex Ecosystem, offering diverse functionalities:

  • Demo Token Purchase: Patex tokens enable users to acquire demo tokens on C-Patex, offering a risk-free environment for testing trading strategies and becoming familiar with the exchange.
  • User Engagement and Loyalty: Within the Patex Network, Patex tokens act as incentives for user engagement and loyalty, promoting community participation and strengthening platform allegiance.
  • Staking & Burning Mechanism: Enjoy staking APY generated from Patex token buybacks.
  • Access & Incentives on Patex’s Decentralized Services: Access to participation in IDOs and incentives on Patex DEX.
  • Trading Commission Payments on C-Patex: Patex tokens can be used to pay for trading commissions on C-Patex, providing users with cost-effective options and additional benefits, fostering consistent demand.
  • Discount on Patex Digital Bank Services: Enjoy discounted rates on lending and borrowing services offered by Patex Digital Bank services.
  • Unlock exclusive content on Patex Campus: Access granted to 200 Latin American universities, entities, and partners. Benefit from a vast user base of 4 million individuals.
  • Quiz Participation Incentives: By completing quizzes at various levels, users earn Patex tokens, encouraging educational engagement and contributing to network growth through knowledge acquisition.
  • Validator Rewards and Governance: Validators in the Patex Network receive Patex tokens as rewards for their governance role, aligning their interests with the overall success and security of the ecosystem.

These diverse utilities demonstrate the multifaceted role of the Patex token, ranging from facilitating practical learning and incentivizing engagement to serving as a means of payment, thus enhancing its overall value within the Patex ecosystem. In addition, additional functionalities will be incorporated into all forthcoming Patex decentralized applications.

Marketing & User Acquisition Strategy

Patex adopts a comprehensive go-to-market strategy, emphasizing various facets of its ecosystem development. The marketing campaign strategy is multifaceted, encompassing pre-IDO, launch, and post-launch activities, featuring partnerships, cross-marketing collaborations, and influencer engagement. Localized outreach strategies, utilizing Latin American social media channels, further drive the ambition to become the largest exchange in the region. Patex also leverages Key Opinion Leader (KOL) networks through collaborations with entities like DAO Maker, intending to harness significant market awareness and user growth.

Following the successful mainnet and explorer launch, the immediate focus shifts to product development, prioritizing the launch of the Patex Wallet and the establishment of the Patex Campus. Continuous development efforts underscore the aim of attracting and retaining users through a commitment to innovation. The strategy also includes plans for a token launch (IDO) on top-tier platforms like DAO Maker and seeks listings for the $PATEX token on leading centralized exchanges. With a bold ambition to become a key blockchain

entity in Latin America, Patex envisions positioning the C-Patex Exchange as the regional equivalent of Binance, with $PATEX serving as its native token. To bolster user engagement, Patex actively engages with diverse linguistic communities through social media channels, maintaining consistent updates for stakeholders.

Moreover, the strategy extends beyond exchange-related activities to educational initiatives. Patex aims to enhance its credibility by negotiating partnerships with major Latin American educational platforms, supporting the Patex Campus and reinforcing a commitment to quality blockchain education. The success of the strategy is evident in Patex's achievements so far, and the continuous focus on development, outreach, education, and influencer engagement positions the ecosystem for sustained growth and market leadership.



The leadership team at Patex, led by CEO Ricardo Da Ros, brings a wealth of experience and expertise, particularly in the Latin American market. With a background dating back to 2018 in blockchain and crypto, CEO Ricardo Da Ros is well-versed in launching exchanges and products in the region, making him a fitting leader for the company. The C-level team, carefully selected based on track records and experience, includes specialized roles such as CISO Marcos Reis, who brings a focus on cybersecurity and financial crime prevention from leading banking institutions. COO Julio Matias P., currently working with Bitget, and CMO Renaud Besnard, with experience in Uniswap and other notable projects, contribute diverse skill sets to the team.

The team, consisting of over 150 full-time employees, has been strategically assembled without relying on personal relationships, underscoring the commitment to professionalism. Advisors such as Guilherme Jovanovic, Cristian Aranha, and Antonio Delfino further enhance the team's capabilities, with Antonio Delfino specifically contributing fintech and payment solutions expertise to the Patex Campus initiative.

Patex's team, deeply connected with local stakeholders, distinguishes the platform by blending global competitiveness with a keen understanding of the Latin American market. This advantage, absent in many competitors, positions Patex uniquely. The impending launch of a digital bank in Brazil underscores their commitment to providing diverse services, reinforcing their vision of dominating the Latin American blockchain and crypto space.

Investors & Partnerships

Patex has strategically aligned itself with key partners for accelerated growth and integration. DAOMaker and WePad serve as acceleration partners, offering strategic guidance and resources, while Acura Capital provides substantial financial backing and strategic advice. Forward Protocol, Particle Network, Waguy Swap, KitchenNFT, and W3DNA function as chain integration partners, enhancing interoperability and functionality across different blockchain networks.

New Tribe Capital contributes as a venture capital firm, offering capital, strategic guidance, and access to a network of potential partners and customers. Simultaneously, Patex has secured strategic partnerships with notable firms such as Poolz Ventures, Spark Digital Capital, Castrum Capital, Gains Associates, New Tribe Capital, and Founderheads, along with individual investor Jader Noguira, providing financial backing, market access, and industry connections.

The private funding round involved prominent players, and ongoing technological integrations with platforms like DappOS, DEXCheck, Planet, TaskOn, Carbon Browser, and Assetus showcase Patex's commitment to innovation and expansion.

The market maker Kairon Labs and Audit Certik further fortify the project's credibility and operational integrity.

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