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We are thrilled to announce that BinStarter will be launching the highly anticipated seed sale for MC² Finance in Q3. This is an incredible opportunity for early investors to get involved in a project that is set to revolutionize digital asset management

Read on to learn more about how MC² Finance is transforming the landscape with its innovative approach and advanced features. Don't miss out on understanding how this groundbreaking platform can benefit you!

Key Metrics:

Seed Sale Price: $0,025

Network: Ethereum, BSC, Arbitrum, Base

Allocation: $100K

Listing Date: Q3

Initial Market Cap: $479,500

Vesting Schedule: 5% at TGE, Cliff 3 months, Vesting in 14 months.

Sale Link:

Project Description

MC² Finance is a groundbreaking platform designed to revolutionize digital asset management. By offering a compliant, non-custodial approach to portfolio creation, MC² Finance empowers users to create compliant digital asset portfolios instantly without pooling assets. This innovative model ensures that investors maintain complete control over their assets while benefiting from advanced features such as decentralized portfolio creation and seamless integration with decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

Key Features:

  • Regulatory Compliance: MC² Finance adheres to stringent regulatory standards, ensuring that all portfolio creations and transactions meet compliance requirements. This provides a safe and legal environment for institutional and retail investors alike.
  • Non-Custodial Nature: Users retain full control over their assets without needing to entrust them to a third party. This non-custodial model enhances security and reduces the risk associated with centralized custody solutions.
  • Instant Portfolio Creation: The platform allows for the immediate creation of digital asset portfolios. Investors can design and implement their strategies quickly, responding to market changes in real time.
  • Pre-Trade Compliance Checks: MC² Finance’s router technology ensures that every trade complies with user-defined criteria such as ESG certification or specific asset ratings. This ensures that all trades align with investor preferences and regulatory requirements.
  • Cross-Chain Integration: The platform supports seamless operations across multiple blockchain networks. This cross-chain compatibility allows users to diversify their portfolios effortlessly and capitalize on opportunities across different ecosystems without the need for manual asset bridging.
  • Advanced Analytics and Insights: MC² Finance provides sophisticated analytical tools for comprehensive evaluation and optimization of investment strategies. Users benefit from in-depth risk assessments, trading insights, and real-time market sentiment analysis, enabling informed decision-making.
  • Community and Social Trading: The platform fosters a collaborative investment environment where users can follow and interact with expert traders. On-chain verification ensures the authenticity of trading strategies, creating a trusted community for social trading.
  • High Security and Transparency: With on-chain verification and decentralized management, MC² Finance ensures transparency and security in all its operations. Users can trust the integrity of the platform and the safety of their assets.

MC² Finance redefines digital asset management by combining regulatory compliance, advanced technology, and user-centric features. It offers a robust and secure platform for managing digital assets, suitable for both experienced investors and newcomers to the DeFi space.

Discover how MC² Finance is setting a new standard in digital asset management, explained by Co-founder Marine Popoff

What is Unique about MC² Finance?

MC² Finance is a Web3 protocol that offers a comprehensive suite of core components and features to democratize the digital asset management landscape. It simplifies the ways people analyze, discuss, and invest in digital asset strategies by connecting traders, strategists, and investors on a compliant, transparent platform.

  1. Pre-Trade Compliance & Look-Through Analytics: MC² Finance's router technology enforces pre-trade compliance, allowing investors to specify criteria like ESG certification or triple-A ratings for their portfolios. Each trade is vetted against these preferences before execution, ensuring compliance and aligning with investor goals.
  2. Cross-Chain, Intent-Based Trading: MC² Finance eliminates the need to navigate multiple platforms with its intent-based trading system. Investors state their objectives, and the protocol autonomously executes multiple trades across blockchains with a single signature, streamlining the investment process.
  3. Expert Insights for Informed Social Trading: The protocol leverages on-chain verification to authenticate expert traders and their strategies. This builds a trusted community where investors can follow proven, transparent strategies, democratizing access to expert insights and offering a collaborative approach to investment.

MC² Finance redefines digital asset management by merging compliance, cross-chain accessibility, and expert insights into a single, efficient protocol. It addresses the complexities of the blockchain investment landscape, offering a streamlined, trustworthy platform for all users.


MC² Finance has an ambitious roadmap aimed at continuous innovation and growth, with specific milestones set to enhance its platform's capabilities and user experience.

Q3 2024: Launch of the Seed Sale on BinStarter

  • Seed Sale Launch: The initial step is to launch the seed sale on BinStarter, allowing early investors to participate in the growth of MC² Finance. This event marks the beginning of MC² Finance’s journey towards revolutionizing digital asset management.

Q4 2024: Expansion of Cross-Chain and Cross-Protocol Compatibility

  • Cross-Chain Compatibility: MC² Finance will expand its platform to support multiple blockchain networks, ensuring users can manage and diversify their portfolios seamlessly across different chains. This initiative will eliminate the complexities associated with manual transactions and asset bridging, making it easier for users to leverage opportunities in the DeFi space.
  • Protocol Integration: Direct integration with various DeFi protocols will be enhanced, allowing users to access a broad spectrum of services such as lending, borrowing, staking, and yield farming without intermediaries.

2025: Introduction of Advanced DeFi Analytics and Social Gating Features

  • Advanced DeFi Analytics: The platform will introduce sophisticated analytical tools that go beyond traditional metrics like APY. These tools will include comprehensive risk assessments, trading insights, and real-time market sentiment analysis to help users make informed investment decisions.
  • Social Gating: Exclusive access to expert strategies and content will be provided through social gating. This feature will authenticate expert traders and their strategies on-chain, allowing users to follow and invest based on proven, transparent strategies.
  • Enhanced Compliance and Security: MC² Finance will continue to focus on compliance and security, implementing features like pre-trade compliance checks and customizable risk parameters to protect user investments.
  • User-Centric Innovations: The roadmap includes plans for developing user-centric features such as intent-based strategy design and execution, enabling users to set their investment goals and have the platform autonomously manage trades across multiple blockchains.

Beyond 2025: Long-Term Vision

  • Global Expansion: MC² Finance aims to establish itself as a global standard for digital asset management, expanding its reach to new markets and user bases.
  • Continuous Improvement: The platform will continuously evolve with the introduction of new technologies and features that address the ever-changing needs of the digital asset management landscape.
  • Community and Ecosystem Growth: MC² Finance will foster a vibrant and engaged community, encouraging collaboration and innovation within its ecosystem.

Major Milestones and Key Highlights:


  • Foundation: Established as a Swiss AG.
  • MiCA Compliance: Ensuring the operations are secure and compliant.
  • TDD Audit: Conducted by SoftStack - available upon request.


  • The Top 3 GameChanger Award from PWC & Blockchance for innovation.
  • 1st Place at Swiss Fintech Investor Day 2023, the largest Fintech funding event in Switzerland
  • Top10 Startup for the Paris Blockchain Week
  • Top 3 Winners at the >>venture>> competition, Swiss’ Leading Startup Competition
  • The Best Business Application at the Austrian Blockchain Award

Granted by:

  • Tenity Acceleration
  • Mantle Grants
  • XRPL Accelerator Launchpad Program, powered by Ripple

Token Allocation

The native token, $MC2Fi, is integral to the MC² Finance ecosystem, driving engagement and value:

  • Ticker Symbol: $MC2Fi
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 (fixed supply)
  • Chains: Ethereum, BSC, Arbitrum, Base

Token Utility: Driving Ecosystem Engagement and Value

The $MC2Fi token is central to the MC² Finance ecosystem, offering multiple utilities that drive engagement and value.

Key utilities include serving as a payment token, offering fee rebates, enabling staking on experts, and facilitating governance through a DAO model​

  1. Payment Token: All fees within the MC² Finance protocol are converted into $MC2 tokens. Users can use stablecoins for interactions, while rewards and fees are distributed in $MC2, creating a consistent demand for the token.
  2. Fee Rebates through Token Locking: Users who lock their $MC2 tokens alongside their asset allocations receive fee rebates, reducing investment costs and promoting token stability by removing locked tokens from circulation.
  3. Staking on Experts: Users can stake their $MC2 tokens on preferred experts and traders. This earns them a share of the fees generated by these experts, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship and encouraging quality contributions from experts.
  4. Governance: By locking $MC2Fi tokens, users gain governance tokens, allowing them to participate in protocol decision-making. This decentralized governance ensures the platform remains community-driven and aligned with user interests.

These utilities create a vibrant, self-sustaining ecosystem where all participants are incentivized to contribute, engage, and benefit from the platform's growth.

Token Distribution

Leadership & Backers

MC² Finance's strong foundation is built on the expertise and experience of its leadership team and the support of prominent backers in the industry. This section highlights the key individuals and organizations driving the platform's success.


  • Christoph Richter (Tech Lead & Co-Founder): Christoph brings extensive experience in technology and entrepreneurship, having previously founded and successfully exited two startups. His expertise in tech development and strategic vision is instrumental in steering MC² Finance towards its goals.
  • Marine Popoff (Partnerships Lead & Co-Founder): Marine's background as a venture capital investor and her experience in investor relations during IPOs provide invaluable insights into building strategic partnerships and managing investor relations for MC² Finance.

Advisors and Angel Investors

MC² Finance is supported by a diverse group of advisors and angel investors who bring a wealth of experience from various sectors of the finance and tech industries:

+17 Individual Angels including: 

  • Elliot Hagemeijer (Decubate Founder): Elliot's experience in blockchain and crypto ventures provides strategic guidance for MC² Finance's growth and development.
  • Ernest Oppetit (Kiln Founder): As the founder of the largest node provider, Ernest's technical expertise and industry connections are vital assets for the platform.
  • Evan Luthra (KOL/Influencer): With a substantial following on social media, Evan helps in promoting MC² Finance and expanding its reach.

+6 Advisors:

  • Mati Greenspan (Quantum Economics): A seasoned expert in economics and trading, Mati contributes to the platform's economic strategies and market positioning.
  • Cindrella Amar (Co-founder Glass Slipper Ventures): Cindy's 15 years in Capital Markets and 4 in Web3 equip MC² Finance with financial expertise, aiding in identifying profitable investments and fostering growth.
  • Manuel Breu (Strategy Director at Avaloq): Manuel uses his wide experience in corporate strategy and technology to influence MC² Finance's future. His insights aid the platform's use of advanced financial technologies.
  • John Izaguirre (Founder, ex-ConsenSys, Binance): With 7 years in the Web3 industry, John identifies potential projects and connects with partners for MC² Finance.
  • Jürg Steiger (Chairman LIBREC): Jürg's expansive Swiss network in family offices, banking, insurance, and startups augments MC² Finance's strategy. His connections and insights provide a market advantage.
  • Alina Rudolf (Senior Product Delivery Lead - Credit Suisse): A specialist in digital transformation and product delivery, Alina Rudolf plays a key role in efficiently delivering MC² Finance's solutions.

Institutional Backers

MC² Finance has garnered support from several prominent organizations, which underscores the platform's credibility and potential:

  • Animoca Brands: Known for its investments in blockchain and gaming, Animoca Brands provides strategic support and resources to help MC² Finance scale its operations.
  • Tenity Global: This organization, backed by institutions such as UBS, Franklin Templeton, Julius Bär, and the Swiss Stock Exchange, adds significant financial expertise and industry credibility to MC² Finance.
  • Cointelegraph and ConsenSys: As leading entities in the blockchain space, their support highlights MC² Finance's innovative approach and market potential.

The strong leadership and backing from industry experts and prominent organizations position MC² Finance as a leader in digital asset management. This foundation of expertise and support ensures the platform is well-equipped to drive innovation, compliance, and growth in the evolving landscape of decentralized finance.

Stay tuned for more updates as we approach the seed sale date. Join us in this revolutionary step forward in digital asset management

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