How to participate in IDOs using BUSD on BinStarter?

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BinStarter will be switching from BNB to BUSD for IDO sales going forwards.

  1. Select the pool that you’re currently staking BSR in. This will be the pool where you can participate in during the IDO sale.

2. Clicking the “Max” button will automatically input the maximum BUSDamount that you can purchase in the IDO sale within the pool. If you wish to purchase a lower amount, you can input it manually.

3. Click “Approve” to provide approval of the BUSD amount that you wish to purchase. Confirm the transaction from your Metamask or Trustwallet wallet.

4. After the transaction is approved, click on the swap icon to complete your purchase and confirm the transaction from Metamask or Trustwallet.

Congratulations, your purchase has been successfully completed.

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