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A lifestyle app with a combination of GameFi and SocialFi elements

iStep aims to build a large community who are passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle. With iStep, you not only improve your physical health from countless outdoor activities but also gain stable and attractive passive income.

To prepare for their IDO on May 16, we hosted an AMA with Mr The Anh- CEO on BinStarter Telegram Official Channel. In case you missed it, here’s a quick AMA recap.

iStep IDO Whitelist is open until May 15, check their IDO page and apply for the sale!

Introduction Round

Q1: Can you introduce yourself to Binstarter community? What is your background?

Hello everyone behind the screen, my name is The Anh - CEO & representative of the great and upcoming project named iStep. I have over 7 years of experience in Software development. I myself have a strong passion for technologies & blockchain. At this moment I am an active investor and also a person who is deeply involved in the community and many different activities promoting blockchain. Now, I got this amazing opportunity to share with you about iStep.

Q2: How did you come to the idea to create iStep? What were the initial thoughts and motives behind this project?

I realized that It's been a long time since I've ever spent time exercising or just going outside for a walk, I can't even remember the last time I participated in outdoor activities with relatives and friends.

So I came to the idea of creating iStep. That’s why I wanted to create a Move-to-earn & Social-fi application where everyone can interact with each other. We have fun moving together, not only running but even walking, jogging, working out, swimming, cycling, joining challenges & sharing that moment on iStep social network.

Q3: Can you briefly describe about your project to our community? And what are the problems its trying to solve?

iStep is a lifestyle app on the BSC ecosystem with a combination of GameFi and SocialFi elements.

We aim to build a large community who are passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle.

With iStep, our community not only improves physical health from countless outdoor activities but also gains stable and attractive passive income.

Our ultimate mission is to replace sedentary grinding with fitness, keeping iStep community pursuing a healthy lifestyle at the same time where the domination of technology makes people more lazy.

With iStep, users are monetized while working out in a stable way. iStep provides a state-of-the-art definition of compound interest.

Q4: Explain the tokenomics of the game. What are the functions or use cases of $ISTEP?

There’s only one token in iStep, which is ISTEP token. Let me introduce to you about ISTEP token:


  • Token ticker: $ISTEP
  • Total Supply: 300M
  • Speculation: BEP-20

Use Cases:

  • Purchasing NFTs
  • Minting Fee
  • Upgrade NFT Fee
  • Level up Fee
  • Customize Fee
  • Challenge & Special Event Fee

Q5: Explain the earning mechanisms of the game? Basically how to earn in this game?

Player experience is one of the two main pillars of iStep.

Enabled by blockchain technology, iStep is where users can REAL MONEY or other rewards by playing. Users can earn ISTEP tokens by joining these activities:

  • Simply moving
  • Joining physical activities
  • Joining minigames
  • Completing challenges
  • Obtaining achievement
  • Winning Leaderboard
  • Attending special in-game events
  • Upgrading & purchasing NFTs

Q6: How will your project stand out with so many Move-to-earn projects launching at the same time? What makes your project different from other competitors?  

As you can see, in 2022, the Move-to-earn wave has landed strongly, attracting large cash flows back to the market, led by the STEPN project, Move-to-earn came to an explosion with a huge amount of projects. We have so many different competitors, they are direct and indirect competitors.

It's hard to list them all. But it is easy to see in recent projects that they do not have a clear product. We're doing things differently compared to our competitors.

The differences of iStep center around the following things:

Ready to launch App & Marketplace this month

With a large team of developers from the leading software companies in the industry, we have the ability to build stronger products. We are ready to launch the Marketplace and iStep app this month, which I think very few projects can do at this time.

1. Strong Backers

As you can see, Backers are the backbone of a project. With iStep, we have many Backers belonging to software and technology companies, providing support and abundant resources for iStep, including names such as HPC, Automation, Susoft, Altek, IXOSoftware, MicroTech. We also launch IDO on Launchpads of the top reputation and large community in the crypto market such as BSCSstation, KDG, Kommunitas, and Binstarter.

2. Various game modes

Come to iStep, no matter if you walk, swim, surf, lift - as long as your body is moving, you're earning!

We develop a lot of mechanics for players:

- Solo Mode

- Team Mode

- Marathon Mode

- Minigames & Challenges

- Club & Team Tournaments

You not only move to earn alone, but you can also participate in outdoor activities to earn extra income with relatives and friends, which not only helps you have more motivation to practice, and develop a healthier life, but also strengthen your connections.

3. KOLs & Partners from all over the world

4. We create a real social network - iStep's own social network, as well as Facebook, Twitter, so that all users from around the world can share every training moment, join the challenge together up there.

Q7: How secured is your smart contract's code, did you ever audit it via any third party? What has been the biggest challenge you have faced in YOUR PROJECT development?

Security is our top priority for the iStep project. For that reason, our development team has spent a lot of effort and time focusing on smart contract development and audit. We're pumped to announce that the iStep Smart Contract has been audited by Verichains. About Verichains: Verichains has a world-class team with extensive research and development expertise in the areas of security, AI, and blockchain technology. You can the QR code above or check here:

Q8: As a community-based project, How can I support for IStep's success? Do you have a Global Ambassador Program or a Referral Rewards System?

Good question. Thank you for asking. Yes, the community is the soul of iStep project. We value our community and appreciate all of your contributions. In order to achieve our mission and vision, the community plays a big role in it. We are searching for Partnerships with communities/KOL/Global Ambassador to participate in promoting our Move-to-earn & Social-fi project - iStep. We are very pleased if you are eligible to join us in the mission of making iStep a wildly popular project worldwide. If you're interested, don't hesitate to submit this form: Also, we do have a Referral Reward System, all the details will be updated on our official channels soon, so don’t forget to follow @iStepGlobal.

Q9: Southeast Asia is a very vibrant market and many projects developed here so with your project What do you think about Southeast Asia and do you have any plans to develop here?

Southeast Asia is currently in the top of the blockchain development region, and Southeast Asia is also the target market of iStep, you can check information about iStep's concentrated market at our Pitch deck. We have prepared our plan to penetrate these target markets and are implementing the plan step by step. We have created local Southeast Asian communities now, don't forget to join here: We have also collaborated and are continuing to look for communities and KOLs from Southeast Asia to collaborate with. In addition, we also plan to create Sports Associations in the Southeast Asia region, organizing regional races and regional challenges, targeting Southeast Asian countries. Southeast Asia is also the main target for our Performance Marketing team. Yep, so these are some of the key activities of our development plan.

Q10: Could you please provide us with an update on your Roadmap's progress and the achievements IStep has achieved so far? Is there any information about IStep 2021 plans?

iStep has now steadily finished the project's early phases. We’re launching IDO in the next few days. This month, if you follow us you can see that we’re working hard to keep the project on schedule.

Now, concerning the accomplishments that iStep has made so far, iStep has a huge number of users who are constantly in the spirit of supporting the project.

You can't imagine the number of members and followers we have on Telegram, Twitter, and Discord. Aside from the high and consistent level of interaction.

The whitelist registration phase to select the luckiest individual, in particular, astounded us with thousands of participants.

This month, we have lots of upcoming events that will attract more and more users. The biggest one is our IDO organization this month in 4 different launchpads. Also, the Beta version & our INO is coming up this month. After that, we’re going to launch Marketplace, the Official Version. There are also many mini-games with huge rewards for our beloved users. These are some of the things I can say for now but I don’t want to spoil the surprise. Many more exciting events and presents are coming.

Live Question Round

Q1: Hi Mr. The Anh, can you tell us more details about iStep IDO? Is there any other ways to have whitelist spots?

Thank you for your question. We’re launching IDO in 4 launchpads: Binstarter, BSCStation, Kingdomstarter & Kommunitas. You can find all the details here, but

1. BSCS:

- IDO time: 4 AM to 12 PM UTC on May 16

- Total Raise on BSCStation: $280,000

- Swap currency: BUSD

- Claiming on BSCStation: 2 PM UTC on May 17

2. KDG

- IDO time: 5 AM to 1 PM UTC on May 15

- Total Raise on KingdomStarter: $100,000

- Swap currency: BUSD


- IDO time: 4 PM UTC on May 16

- Total Raise on Binstarter: $100,000

- Swap currency: BUSD


- IDO time: 9 AM UTC on May 16

- Total Raise on Kommunitas: $120,000

- Swap currency: BUSD

Yes, and there’s also other ways to have whitelist spots. We’re now organizing an event call “Telegram & Discord Most Active Member”. You can check the rules here: 20 winners will receive 50$ allocation each.

Q2: Can you tell us how to own iStep NFT? Are you going to launch any NFT Presale like IGO or INO? If yes, when will you launch NFT Presale?

We're going to launch INO this month, I can reveal the first INO platform, which is BSCSstation. Further information will be updated on our Official Channel, don’t forget to follow @iStepOfficialChannel. At the moment I could not reveal more, however, I can tell that our NFT price will be a very reasonable price that most players can access, in addition, the Beta version & iStep App is going to be released sooner than you thought.

Anyways, there’s a chance for you to grab our NFTs by participating in our latest event: iStep NFT Airdrop. Join now:

Q3: How many types of iStep NFTs? Can you share about it? Is there any chance for free player to join?

Once you own an NFT Sneaker, you can start to get rewards easily by moving. But yes there’s a chance for free players to join. To begin with, users are equipped with one default sneaker. Users need to invite 1 new account registrant to unlock Default Sneakers and continue to invite 1 new account registration per day to continue using Default Sneakers or invite a total of 8 new account registrations in 7 days.

There are 4 main types of sneakers, each of which is tailored to each user's specific fitness level as followings:

  • Default (7 days trial)
  • Walking
  • Jogging
  • Running

There’re 4 rarities of NFT Sneaker, which are Common, Epic, Legendary.

There’re also other NFT accessories: Gems & Sockets.

You will be able to unlock Gems after reaching a certain level. Identical gems can be used to boost your Sneaker Stats.

Each Gem type will be suitable for a specific type of Socket. The perfect combination of Gem and Socket will give a great upgrade to Sneaker's stats.

Q4. The market is not being in a good situation. How would you think iStep would make it through this stage to grow? Are there any good news this month to share?

We understand your concerns. Currently the market is bleeding, however, I believe the sun will rise again. This is an opportunity for every projects including iStep to focus on project development. For me, this is an opportunity to continuously improve and develop our product the most perfectionist way. This stage will also be the stage of purging the bad projects, I believe that iStep will not let you down. Everything has been carefully prepared, so let's wait for it.

This month, we have lots of upcoming events that will attract more and more users. The biggest one is our IDO organization this month in 4 different launchpads. Also, the Beta version & our INO is coming up this month. After that, we’re going to launch Marketplace, the Official Version. There are also many mini-games with huge rewards for our beloved users. These are some of the things I can say for now but I don’t want to spoil the surprise. Many more exciting events and presents are coming.

Q5: What’s iStep listing time? What’s the trading pair and Initial Market Cap of iStep?

Yes, I will share with you guys about iStep listing information. ISTEP will be listed on PancakeSwap.

🔸Time: 1PM UTC May 17, 2022

🔸Contract Address: 0x67343c29c0fD9827F33E675e0eB80773f9444444

🔸IDO price: 0.01$

🔸Pool liquidity: ISTEP/BUSD

But an important note here, you should wait until the price is stable to buy ISTEP.

Everything is just the beginning, get ready to go to the moon together guys!

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