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We are super-excited to announce a new IDO deal with Fit Burn, the world’s first burn-to-earn application at the confluence of fitness and blockchain. Our IDO deal with this EIP-protected project will take place on April 13th, 2023. Let's examine this special project in greater detail!

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Project Description

World’s First BURN-TO-EARN Lifestyle Revolution, Fit Burn is based on one of most people’s most fundamental everyday activities: moving and exercising. By carrying a gamified T-Shirt NFT, users of the Fit Burn platform can earn money through our Calorie token (CAL).

Fit Burn's vision is to create its own 'Eco-Payment System' for the fitness & well-being industry.

This ecosystem allows users to utilize our CAL token to benefit, purchase, and pay the fees for all services and products that fall under the umbrella of 'fitness & well- being,' whether it's activewear, supplements, F&B, etc.

They aim to expand rapidly using their brand and marketing momentum, build ties strong enough to be the go-to destination for all brands in the fitness & well-being industry on a global level, become their strategic partners, and join the revolutionary Crypto-Fitness movement they have created.

What Makes Fit Burn Unique?

First of all, Fit Burn stands out from the competition since its value offer is not limited to the Web 3 environment. People have reported that they feel and look better due to developing regular long-term habits of spending time outdoors, collecting tokens, and learning about Web 3.

How Fit Burn is Disrupting the Fitness Industry

FitBurn's Burn-to-Earn solution elevates M2E to an unparalleled level. With this innovative solution, users are not only rewarded for their everyday movements but also for each calorie burned during physical activity. By donning a gamified T-Shirt NFT, users have the opportunity to earn Calorie tokens (CAL) and get paid for their efforts.

The team believes that its Burn-to-Earn model keeps users motivated to maintain their fitness routine since they also get to earn more rewards in the process and the funds can be used to offset fitness costs such as gym membership payments and more.

The team says each user will receive a free yearly FitBurn partner gym membership when they purchase any of the NFTs. Members will then be able to track their gym activities using the FitBurn app and receive CAL, the native token of its ecosystem, as a reward for every burned calorie.

The FitBurn app has been under development since June of 2022. The development team has hinted at the possibility of CAL being listed on the popular cryptocurrency trackers Coingecko and CoinMarketCap by the end of this quarter. During the Blockchain Economy Dubai Summit in October 2022, the project's NFT collection will be revealed. The main release of FitBurn, including the official launch of the app, pre-sale of NFTs, and NFT minting, is slated to occur in the first quarter of 2023.

Additionally, the FitBurn project has successfully secured $1.4 million in its pre-seed funding round. Furthermore, it has recently signed a partnership agreement with the Olympia Weekend Expo, the largest annual fitness event globally.

Go to the gym and get paid for every drop of your sweat!

How to Get Started

To join FitBurn’s Burn-to-Earn platform, interested users are required to hold a gamified T-Shirt non-fungible token (NFT) from the project’s collection. The NFTs come under four major classes: common, rare, epic, and legendary. Once they have the NFT, they can get a free gym membership from our partner gym. The next step is to set FitBurn up in their smartwatch and start the phone app. Done! Ready to get paid to get fit!

What Users Get

  • Free membership from our partner gym
  • Compensation for every calorie burnt
  • Well-being product & service price reductions
  • Entry to exclusive/VIP events
  • Motivation to keep working on themselves!

$CAL Use Cases

With CAL tokens, FitBurn users can purchase fitness products from the platform’s e-commerce store, or enjoy discounts at major fitness retailers. CAL tokens can also be traded on supported exchanges.CAL holders will be able to stake the token, receive invites to exclusive VIP events, and earn the governance rights of the protocol.

Token Sale Setup & Vesting Schedule

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