Chirpley IDO Allocations + Details


BinStarter is very honored to have an opportunity to launch the IDO event for the Chirpley project. Chirpley is the world’s first decentralized peer-to-peer influencer marketplace. A decentralized ecosystem powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, which matches nano and micro-influencers with brands. Chirpley’s algorithm then calculates a fair price for a range of services from tweets, retweets, likes, video posts, etc. based on an influencer’s number of followers and engagement.

IDO Details

Token Type: BEP20
Price per Token: $0.021
Total Allocation: $100,000
Vesting Schedule: 15% at TGE, then linear over 6 months
Initial Market Cap: $357K
Accepted Currency: $BUSD

Raise Date: September 6th, 2022
PCS Listing: September 7th, 2022

Location & IDO Page & Timer:

IDO Allocation Distributions:

Pool 8:
Time: UTC 16:00–19:00
Each Allocation Amount: 2816 BUSD ( ~$2816)

Pool 7:
Time: UTC 16:00–19:00
Each Allocation Amount: 1408 BUSD ( ~$1408)

Pool 6:
Time: UTC 16:00–19:00
Each Allocation Amount: 704 BUSD ( ~$704)

Pool 5:
Time: UTC 16:00–19:00
Each Allocation Amount: 352 BUSD ( ~$352)

Pool 4:
Time: UTC 16:00–19:00
Each Allocation Amount: 176 BUSD ( ~$176)

Pool 3:
Time: UTC 16:00–19:00
Each Allocation Amount: 88 BUSD ( ~$88)

Pool 2:
Time: UTC 16:00–19:00
Each Allocation Amount: 44 BUSD ( ~$44)

Pool 1:
Time: UTC 16:00–19:00
Lottery Winners: 300
Each Allocation Amount: 22 BUSD ( ~$22)

Pool 1 Winner List:

Gleam Campaign:
Time: UTC 16:00–19:00
Gleam Winners: 100
Each Allocation Amount: 22 BUSD ( ~$22)

Gleam Winner List:

0xa734439d26Ce4dBf43ED7eb364Ec409D949bB369 0xedD55c12Cb80a2437b64b707165FEF08b1176eEe 0x5516b24C1cd8DF2461073788f8fc674Cc89CaC64 0xf74C0506C496cf9915d258896B4904363871b01e 0xf1047CEF262149CbDC78b3c30C59e5e84E5b7600 0x6d3E15a91C4256E7e72D9269620F5bA99121AA40 0xD2b5993F13d4247196fBa146A7E68B1Fe9d6e630 0xf85e87C1e646D7Db8681Bc124E8F354C09f1C89B 0x3ADA6cBbC58DF1e73C9125F61BcE142f4CFEc817 0xAD04253786a6cCdA6801C01FE159630b3f4a34E6 0x1388d24688b07ceEA1d59646aE4Ba3AA1c836705 0xa1b6e4211dF38A508cdE73794357458351614742 0xB38e3169ADB818fEF82D5DB88E9bD0D6Ab4c3d1b 0x85F031cD70b1Fc767c2Cc0677B3e03c2AF6511C4 0x8d404eAA95e632075A37D7906e3B861527586231 0x77bF55a9ad8Fb75B141a8b259Ea8AF84CcF26d2F 0xF124b615d90485418C528cB52867Ece63C5CD485 0x3f02FA469bDE43295bFE21b461fe662B47E77f83 0x40A69CAdC50de48664C8AB3217e7DCC02eAdB962 0x12006E93242ddDC0b0862c18E228f77EC7155995 0x900d501AAc7874c92326b996fcF9F71572A5D234 0xD7a3050b09557aF5B498694bdD95172c5556Ac4D 0x913c2ea787f86bc9c35d729dfdc147ad71253dea 0x0510fecb1f8a92f108fcb70a52baf7c8292642a9 0x5ee4f2eAd2b20F5535031FDFf6651B3c5b914d30 0x3751362921898Eb436Bf62FD2c5f2Be503686371 0xcdBf1EDC9EbEc09F4B7A7ceaf16A5976B166bECb 0x803e8B744d3CC531c49088dEA65A7829C5156AC6 0x5D380FE775C539D4cbf08FE9982A565F2183F77e 0x01886479261b14d5A92B7902C491db772CBef40D 0x4D0655cb7B727149405Cfc9435fCB276eFbFc6A9 0x80B3Bfd80D2390CBB53406635B1D438d76B8F67e 0x20a041DA5Ab1e4Cea46A01ab8f3a699C7D42a8CA 0x914F4705F8e26a5d057c0F5A5496b3A6C610858c 0xDfdcFf60641a499A2a5b85E3f9fab67c01b4bBAb 0x48d2A0080BDD28ee965A33EE4EeB8Eadd1a01F88 0x4D35c6f6469D7178C5E3B0626BA3e3C09023B2a5 0xEbb6691d7A8335200b567bF5f7567F227Db5fC0d 0x026040c0d0697c10ba11a50074bc7ae0873ff599 0x27968dB30EFef29AA010bEbF6dE9fE92F2D3bCB2 0xca0d558Aba43aa4FcD431937f28179A011a04fE6 0xf353215757EAf3435B60782608C379D61f5A9B21 0x396cc8e1a949F68FF3Be632F34C8c741daC06162 0x72f5e73b38246E7c05C230793c13EE93491171c9 0x859022621476E91AFf0A5EB0A86920dB980A8432 0xad3b6885C9dCf8c3f051403625dD3719b28291D9 0x3cE97dad9D1658F0b72c77F588a9A2E50B53079D 0xAA7437B8796daD0593D4461Ee6B19164a3bdd820 0x090B656A6D729f3C4243c411AECaaDedF0923549 0x47dAB0BD5B0d448f50fFD024C451E92e4a790687

FCFS Rounds
1. FCFS BinStarter Round* (BSR Stakers) will start UTC 20:00–20:30 or till sold out

2. FCFS Round* will start UTC 20:30 - till sold out
Each Allocation Amount: TBA

*Must have BSR staked in pools during Whitelisting to purchase in “FCFS BinStarter Round”. If all allocations are sold out in the 1st BinStarter round, there will not be a 2nd “FCFS Round” at UTC 20:30.

Chirpley Gleam Campaign Details:
BinStarter has conducted a successful gleam campaign for Chirpley that has garnered 60K+ entries.

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