BinStarter Renaissance: Introducing the New Tier System


As part of the BinStarter Renaissance updates, we are thrilled to unveil our revamped Tier System, designed to reward BSR token holders more generously. For the past three years, your feedback has been our guiding light. This new system honors our community's loyalty by offering enhanced benefits and making the staking process smoother and more rewarding.

A Journey of Growth

From the beginning, BinStarter has been dedicated to listening to our community. Your insights have shaped the evolution of our platform. The new Tier System is a testament to our gratitude for your support, encouraging further investment in BSR while delivering substantial benefits.

Simplified Staking Dashboard

Our updated website ensures effortless navigation, allowing you to stake tokens and explore features seamlessly. The "BSR Staking" screen offers a clear view of the Tier System:

  • IDO Allocation Multiplier: Shows the guaranteed allocation weight based on staked BSR.
  • Staking Section: Stake and unstake BSR directly.
  • Earned BSR: View and claim earned BSR rewards.
  • Locked BSR: See the total BSR locked for staking and its current market value.
  • Tiers: Explore benefits and specifics of each tier level.
  • Reward Calculator: Calculate potential daily BSR rewards based on staked amount.

Single Staking Pool

Manage your staking effortlessly with our streamlined dashboard. Automatically switch between tiers by increasing your staked BSR, without waiting for an unstake period. Click on any tier to see its benefits in detail.

Tier Levels and Staking Requirements

To qualify for each tier, meet the minimum BSR staking requirements. Higher tiers offer better IDO allocations and higher staking rewards. Here are the requirements:

  • Tier 1 — min 1000 BSR, 1% APY, Lock Time: 30 days
  • Tier 2 — min 2000 BSR, 2% APY, Lock Time: 30 days
  • Tier 3 — min 4000 BSR, 3% APY, Lock Time: 30 days
  • Tier 4 — min 8000 BSR, 4% APY, Lock Time: 60 days
  • Tier 5 — min 16000 BSR, 5% APY, Lock Time: 90 days
  • Tier 6 — min 32000 BSR, 6% APY, Lock Time: 120 days
  • Tier 7 — min 64000 BSR, 28% APY, Lock Time: 150 days
  • Tier 8 — min 128000 BSR, 64% APY, Lock Time: 180 days

Enhanced IDO Allocations

Higher tiers receive larger IDO allocations, determined by the amount of BSR you stake. The allocation multipliers for each tier are:

  • Tier 1: 1X Guaranteed Allocation
  • Tier 2: 2X Guaranteed Allocation
  • Tier 3: 4X Guaranteed Allocation
  • Tier 4: 8X Guaranteed Allocation
  • Tier 5: 16X Guaranteed Allocation
  • Tier 6: 35X Guaranteed Allocation
  • Tier 7: 75X Guaranteed Allocation
  • Tier 8: 160X Guaranteed Allocation

By structuring your staking strategy wisely, you can maximize your rewards and IDO allocations, ensuring you get the most out of your participation in the BinStarter ecosystem.

Community-Driven Improvements

We extend our heartfelt thanks to our community members who participated in our recent survey about increasing APY rates. Your valuable feedback has led us to improve APY rates for higher tiers. In response, we will increase the total supply back to the original 100 million with the upcoming token migration in a week’s time. All the increase, which is around 15 million BSR, will be used exclusively as staking rewards, further enhancing the benefits for our loyal stakers.

As we are getting closer to the migration process, we should also move liquidation partially from the existing pool. Users who are in the staking process will have a chance to directly withdraw their tokens to their wallets once the migration process starts. Details about the token migration process will be out soon. We encourage all members who are currently farming at to unstake their tokens and prepare for the migration. We will share audit reports for the new smart contracts shortly before the migration begins.

The Renaissance is Here

The BinStarter Renaissance is not just an update; it's a transformation. We are committed to enhancing your experience and building a thriving community together. Join us in this exciting journey. The Renaissance is here, and it’s brighter than ever.

Thank you for being a part of BinStarter. Your trust and support drive us forward.

About Binstarter

Launched in June 2021, Binstarter is a trailblazer in decentralized finance, renowned as the first multi-chain IDO platform with an Extended Insurance Protocol (EIP). Our platform is committed to transparency, fairness, and innovation, offering secure and efficient fundraising solutions for startups. At Binstarter, we aim to revolutionize the DeFi landscape by reducing risks, enhancing user experiences, and empowering startups for successful launches.

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Launched in June 2021, Binstarter is a trailblazer in decentralized finance, renowned as the first multi-chain IDO platform with an Extended Insurance Protocol (EIP).