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BinStarter can be defined as an investor community due to its structure. However, it is not enough to define it only as an investor community, because we will host many new projects every day, and we will make a great contribution to the evaluation of each new project that comes with the common experience we have gained and to meet a certain standard. Consequently, we will become an important guide for future projects.

We know that the ecosystem is still very new and needs new projects and ideas for its development, but we support it in every way.

Today, there are several factors that make a project sustainable and successful: namely, technology, a dedicated community, aggressive marketing, the right budget, the right time, the right team, etc. The lack of some of these factors can cause irreversible results, but we provide very useful opportunities for the project owners to achieve success, and we support them in every way to achieve their goals and visions.

1. Opportunity to advertise to a strong community

2. Fast financial resource

3. Strong community audit and reports

4. Insurance Protocol

In decentralized experimental projects, sometimes things don’t go as planned. Sometimes the plans can change due to software errors and sometimes due to the wrong decisions of the people in the project.

In fact, at this very point, BinStarter enables both project owners and liquidity providers to securely transact with the insurance protocol at this point. Undoubtedly, there is a fact that no project owner will want his name to be badly mentioned, and no liquidity provider would want to be harmed by someone else’s decision.

BinStarter is not a new invention or creation, but a necessity, a requirement and a security guarantee for our industry.

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