BinStarter & Osimi City Partnership Announcement

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BinStarter is proud to welcome OsimiCity on board, an open world action-adventure Metaverse game and SocialFi on BSC & Ethereum. Through this partnership, we are looking to support Osimi City in:

✔️ IDO on Binstarter
✔️ Cross-marketing activities
✔️ Community expansion

Unique modes in the world of Osimi City to experience:
- Racing: Racing involves speed and skill, in vehicles paid for with NFT.
- Shooting: As a marksman, you will rely on your skills and knowledge of weaponry to terminate  enemy troops, before they can destroy you.
- Open World: Players create their own unique and individualized personas in this futuristic realm.

Osimi City provides outstanding features for game competition:
- AAA open world action-adventure game for blockchain.
- Free-to-play with no initial fees or required capital.
- The play-to-earn model that, unlike other games, tackles inflationary issues.
- High-quality and well sought-after NFTs. We are proud of the items offered for this futuristic world.
- Osimi tournaments will be very popular events with hefty prize pools in the millions of dollars!
- Several gaming modes are available.
- Non-gamers have the opportunity to participate in staking tokens for profit.

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