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Hey BinStarter family! 

Get ready to set sail on an adventure like no other because Pirates of the Arrland is dropping anchor as our newest IDO project on May 13th at 16:00 UTC! 🏴‍☠️⚔️

The first of its kind, fusing the adrenaline rush of MOBA battles with brain-teasing economic and strategy gameplay is more than a game; it's an experience that lets you shape the world in real-time, decked out with a pirate's charm.

And get this—the GameFi metaverse of Pirates of the Arrland is serving up a treasure chest of fun, with 3D battles action and strategic 2D management that's perfect for PC, mobile, and web pirates. 

So mark your calendars, because on May 13th, we're all about that pirate life. Join us, and let's conquer the seven seas together! 🌊💰

Key Metrics

Public Sale Price: $0.004

Initial Circulating Supply: 84,125,000

Initial Market Cap: $336,500.00

IDO Link:  https://binstarter.ai/launchpad

TGE Date: May 16th, 2024

About Pirates of the Arrland

Pirates of the Arrland pioneers a unique gaming experience by blending multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) competition with an economic and strategic layer built on smart contacts, all within a captivating pirate-themed universe. 

Leveraging blockchain technology, players have true ownership of in-game assets like characters, items, ships, and lands, contributing to the dynamic evolution of the Arrland Metaverse. Through alliances, conflicts, conquests, and trading, players with diverse preferences converge in a vibrant ecosystem where the value of tradable items is governed by market dynamics. 

Offering various gameplay modes within Unity 2021 HDRP engine, Pirates of Arrland addresses the challenge of player engagement in the crypto gaming industry. With features appealing to both traditional and crypto gamers, the game promises to scale its impact significantly, set within its immersive 3D world.Pirates of the Arrland is not only a game, but also a community of passionate pirates, strategy and blockchain technology enthusiasts who together create a dynamic and evolving world full of adventure, challenge and opportunity. As a mix of MMO strategy, intense PvP action and an open world metaverse, the project offers a unique experience for players looking for strategic depth and exciting gameplay in the pirate world. The heart of 'Pirates of the Arrland' beats in a fully decentralized MMO strategy that runs on the blockchain. This unique feature guarantees transparency, security and immutable digital ownership. Players can build, develop and command their own pirate fleets, manage crews and form alliances or compete with other players in a dynamic world where every decision affects the game's global economy and power hierarchy.

NFT Collections

In October 2021, a collection of unique Genesis Pirates was created. Genesis Pirates of Arrland represents an exclusive and refined collection of 3,333 unique pirate characters, featuring 2,222 male and 1,111 female ancient pirate family members. These characters stand as some of the most formidable entities players can encounter within the Arrland GameFi Metaverse.

This meticulously curated collection is not only a testament to the rich heritage and power of these seafaring legends but also serves as a gateway to the immersive and dynamic world of "Pirates of the Arrland."

Monthly Loot Share

A distinguishing feature of the "Genesis Pirates of Arrland" collection is the entitlement to a monthly share of the loot from the treasury, provided the holders actively support the project or engage with the game at a minimum level. This incentive not only rewards active participation but also strengthens the bond between the game and its community, fostering a sense of ownership and contribution among the players.

In essence, "Genesis Pirates of Arrland" is more than just a collection; it is a bridge to a vast, interactive, and evolving pirate universe. It offers players not just gameplay, but a legacy and a community, where every pirate, island, every ship, and every choice can write history in the expansive seas of the Arrland GameFi Metaverse.

Other collections:

  • Inhabitants (standard characters)
  • Islands (lands)
  • Ships
  • Items

Some of these collections will include premium quality items, so-called "legendary" versions.

The NFT tokens can be purchased through www.arrland.com (for genesis pirates and islands payment will be made only in $RUM tokens after listing):

Arrland Marketplace: https://marketplace.arrland.com/ (main marketplace)

Arrland Account: https://account.arrland.com/ (IMX layer for MOBA only)

Arrland Auctions: https://auctions.arrland.com/ (staking or burning auctions)

In the game "Pirates of the Arrland," players can earn through various activities. Owning a Genesis NFT Pirate grants a share of the Treasury's tokens when participating in game seasons, either by playing matches, completing community tasks, or engaging in strategy game tasks. Other avenues include trading or selling raw materials and goods, particularly for island development or in-game consumables, especially for boosting 3D arena pirates in fast-paced, dynamic battles. Upcoming features promise opportunities for staking tokens and providing liquidity for rewards. The earning mechanisms are integrated within the game's strategic and community-driven activities​ (How Can I Earn?)​.


The $RUM token is an integral part of the Pirates of the Arrland game and the entire Arrland ecosystem. RUM is a limited-supply, deflationary utility token used to purchase in-game services. Part of in-game $RUM token utility:

1. minting/upgrading/purchasing in-game NFTs like Islands, Pirates, Magic Gems, Ships, Items

2. staking for in-game NFT rewards

3. reproduction of NFT Young Pirates

It is designed to fuel the reward system for players. When in-game services are purchased by $RUM, there is a deflationary process in the following proportions: 50% of the all spent tokens will be burned forever.

$RUM Tokens are needed for crafting and merging your in-game NFTs.

What can a player use a $RUM token for?

Staking means locking up a $RUM token for a certain amount of time to receive in-game currency $ARRC rewards from a staking pool. 

At the beginning, the tokens for this pool are released from the initial tokenomics. As the game progresses, this pool is supplied with a portion of the tokens spent by players on in-game services, as is the case with the Pirate King Treasury.

Some buildings (for example, the Bank) can increase the portion in the staking pool. Players can decide to stake $RUM for other purposes, like stake to white list or stake to own NFT rewards.

Players can obtain $RUM through various actions like swapping for stablecoins, winning battles, or participating on-chain strategic production. Genesis Pirates and other NFT holders can accrue another token, $ARRC, based on their share of the reward pool. This accrual and the tokens' uses are integrated with the game's features and NFT assets, contributing to a dynamic in-game economy.


$ARRC serves as the currency within the Arrland Archipelago, operating as an inflationary-deflationary token with an unlimited supply. Its primary function is to facilitate the trading of base resources among players and the acquisition of in-game NFTs such as Ships, Limited Treasury Chests, and Pirate's Boosts. Essential to the Pirates of the Arrland game, $ARRC coins are earned through active gameplay, forming an integral part of the Arrland ecosystem.

The $ARRC token, can be obtained by:

- exchanging a $RUM token for a $ARRC token, using the decentralized DEX exchange.

- minting the $ARRC token from gold at a mint located on a private island ($RUM spend is needed in this process)

- participating in combat on battle arenas.

- making simple obligatory in-game or social tasks as owner of Genesis Pirates and/or items with bonus $ARRC accruals.

- staking $RUM token

Token Allocations and Vesting


The Pirates of the Arrland project is the brainchild of a group of seasoned professionals hailing from the realms of computer game development, IT projects, and the blockchain industry. Leading this endeavor are individuals with a proven history of delivering games on platforms like Steam, spearheading successful cryptocurrency ventures, and actively contributing to diverse global online initiatives.


Explore the vibrant world of Pirates of the Arrland:

Website: https://arrland.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ArrlandNFT

Discord: https://discord.gg/zsDQzKh73p

Telegram Announcement Channel: https://t.me/Arrland_ANN

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