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We are thrilled to announce a new IDO deal with Alaska Gold Rush, the first WEB3 native game with an open world and exciting plot and adventures within the metaverse . Our IDO deal with this EIP-protected project will take place on March 29th, 2023. Let's examine this special project in greater detail!

Key Metrics

Public Sale Price                                $0.030

Initial Circulating supply             30,000,000

Initial Market cap                              $855K

Project Description

Alaska Gold Rush is an FPP web3 game that can be described as a combination of Red Dead Redemption, Fortnite and The Witcher which includes a revolutionary Win2Earn in-game economy.

The aim of the game is to build up resources to allow you to continually mine or locate gold. The more resources you have at your disposal the more likely you will be to strike that rich vein of gold! Yet don’ t get fooled by the simplicity of this goal-the Alaska Gold Rush is not a simple gold collecting simulator. It is an immersive world and story with an incredible plot, places, and interactions.

As one of the first explorers you will have a unique chance of finding the gold before the real gold rush begins and thousands of people arrive at Klondike-the Holy Grail of the gold mining world.

Unique features

• Collect $GOLD in-game tokens to gear up for the mission, collect $CARAT to get rich

• Unique wagering based in-game economy

• Trade and create NFTs that will bring your gold mining yield to the next level. Your in-game equipment matters!

• Explore the wide Alaskan lands from the First-Person Perspective

• Immerse yourself in the game and compete with your friends in the PVP mode

Gameplay Mechanics

  • The player moves in FPP mode and carries equipment with an acceptable weight.
  • Items that the player carries have their own weight - both ore and utility items like a torch, pickaxe, or clothing.
  • The mine is generated and parameterized - random to some extent.
  • The player has hunger, energy, and temperature coefficients - they must remain at the appropriate level; otherwise, the player dies - meaning he is transferred to the hospital in the HUB.
  • The player uses a built-in map and compass for exploration.
  • The player has a dog sled at his disposal - he can use it to travel around the map faster than on foot, as well as to haul goods.
  • The player, after digging tunnels wide and high enough, can build constructions to support the ceiling, tracks, and a wagon - aids that can be used to transport the excavated material.

Economic Model

The Play-to-Earn model brings a new level of enjoyment to gaming. Indeed, while playing already available Play-to-Earn games, players can experience this previously unavailable new thrilling gaming. Other very famous and hyped games with the Play-to-Earn feature don't offer the opportunity for players to enjoy the game and benefits of Play-to-Earn without making any initial investment. Alaska Gold Rush is free-to-play from the start.

The Alaska Gold Rush takes place in 1897 when the dollar was still backed by gold. To match the era, the main in-game currency is GOLD. Using equipment in the form of NFT’s, players will be able to prospect for GOLD in the rivers and mines of Alaska. As you upgrade your equipment (NFT’s), you will be able to increase your GOLD yield.

Your precious equipment (so NFTs) will help you extract the gold from the Alaskan soil and waters, but you must keep in mind that even the best mining equipment can break down or get worn out. You then would have to craft or buy new equipment!

There will be two ways to buy your new NFT gear, at a fixed price at the local stores or from other players at market price. Certain locations and events can provide you with the possibility of getting extremely rare or even legendary gear, weapons, and clothing. You can then trade them if you wish on the open markets such as OpenSea or Rarible.

With NFT cards available in any Alaskan store in the game, you can truly get lucky, like when buying a Pokémon deck in your childhood. When receiving a card, its true value appears. It can be extremely rare and therefore worth a lot and may enhance your character’s appearance.


The total supply of Alaska Gold Rush tokens is set at 1 billion, with 30% of the total supply reserved for token sales during the investment rounds. The investment rounds are divided into four categories: Angel 1, Angel 2, Private, and Public.


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