8.5M Token Burn — 2nd Token Burn Event

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We are very happy to announce that to benefit the BinStarter ecosystem and all BSR holder’s loyalty and commitments, we have conducted BinStarter’s second and biggest token burn to date. A total of 8.5m BSR of tokens was burnt to promote the scarcity of BSR tokens in the marketplace and increase investor’s confidence in buying and holding BSR tokens in the upcoming public sales. Previously on our first token burn after seed sales we burnt 6.7M tokens reducing the supply by 6.7%. A total of 15.2% of the total supply of BSR token was burnt by the BinStarter Team. This shows the Binstarter team’s vision to bringing a dynamic and rewarding ecosystem to all BSR fans.

Total supply have dropped 15.2% to 84,739,797 BSR

Burn Contact Address: https://bscscan.com/tx/0xaf533ea1ed30583f0aadf9ed07b1536f03b8f851a239919a6255c5a8bc006f2b

BSR Contact Address: https://bscscan.com/token/0x5cE12F6d9F2FcAf0b11494a1C39E09eeB16Ca7e8

6.7M BSR Token Massive Burn!: https://binstarter.medium.com/6-7m-bsr-token-massive-burn-b7349574d6e8

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