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The rise of StepN has created a trend in the crypto market for move-to-earn projects. As it occured in the past with other concepts from the web3 world such as Metaverse or Game-Fi, many oportunistic projects have been (too?) quickly created using the magic “m2e” branding.

At MOVN we have been working on the concept of move-to-earn since 2018. Our path was completely opposite as we started with real economy sportstech businesses since 2014. We brought the token (MOV) and the concept of move-to-earn not only to support players but also to boost the entire sports ecosystem (clubs, brands, associations, retail and other service providers). Here are four key areas where we differ from other move-to-earn projects:


While other Apps require to buy NFT sneakers or other digital assets, with MOVN you just need to connect your favorite activity tracker (Google Fit, Apple Health, etc.) and start earning. It is as simple as that. Our core values and higher purpose is to truly help people to adopt a healthier lifestyle practising more sports. How could we put any barrier to that?


MOVN will integrate Game-Fi elements that allow players to earn more than on any other app. For instance the Captain mode allows users to build teams that compete against each other and to earn on the physical activity of their unlimited number of team members.


By connecting to all kinds of physical activity trackers, MOVN rewards the practice of all sports and not just walking & running. In some cases MOVN also partners with sports associations, tournaments, clubs and court booking systems to reward the practice of certain activities that are more difficult to track such as soccer, tennis, padel, etc.


Many Game-Fi and M2E projects have no clear model and legitimate profit to support their tokenomics. Their system requires a regular flow of money from new players to continue. When the flow slows down, the system cannot be sustained and collapses.
MOVN model is based on the creation of a new and real economy of sports.The Superapp enables the entire industry to offer services (miniapps) to the users giving utility to the token (facility booking, eCommerce, event registration, etc…). This new economy generates revenues for MOVN (transaction fees) which are partly used to feed the rewarding engine.
Combined with the burning mechanism, this new economy of sports is the base of how MOVN achieves to make MOV a deflationary token. It is expected that after 3 years the rewarding system will be self sufficient. On the long run the circulating supply will be stabilized at 100 million MOV.

Move-To-Earn is here to last. Not only because it makes complete sense from a societary point of view, but also because there is a powerful, highly scalable and sustainable model for it.

Pierre-Emmanuel CZAJA
Co-Founder & CEO at MOVN

Pierre is a French chemical engineer and serial entrepreneur with multiple successful exit track records. His corporate background includes R&D and business managerial positions at P&G, Totalfina, HEAD and Ferrari. Former ATP ranked tennis player, he cofounded VENTURE AGE, a sportstech & wellness venture studio based in London.

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Discord: https://discord.gg/2f52ngjWdG

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