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The miserable world. The world with war, fighting, and killing. The world that’s not safe anymore. Migration is the only option for humanity…

Evermoon! A planet that is most similar to the Earth, and waiting for a human to arrive ☄️

🌙 Nakamatos, The first tribe in Evermoon with a history of glories and victory. They were the ancients and the origins of the planet. They can be called Barbarians. They live a simple life but their barbarism and power are unstoppable. They are strong, fast, and quiet. The only options when censorious with them are either you or them come back alive. They love peace and always stay isolated, to protect their tribe and need no interaction with other living things.

🌙 Ethern, the evolution of Nakamatos. In advance of technology use, they are not as strong as Nakamatos but armor and improved weapons are the options when fighting. They are bloodthirsty and desire only dead bodies in their hands. Ethern is fully crowded with intelligence. The only problem for them is overpopulation and the high cost of living.

🌙 Byzan, the more civilized version of Ethern. They migrated from Ethern to escape from the high cost of living and high competition. Strategies planning, farming, and labor are their distinctive point. They always develop and improve strategies. They are very tremendous when it comes to war. They are cunning and use all strategies to gain a victory from others.

🌙 Lunarian, the outsider who migrated to conquer this planet. They come with advanced technology, weapons, spaceships, and smart armor suits. They are indestructible. With all the advanced technology that never exist in Evermoon make them one of the scariest creature.

🌙 Solis is one with nature, they all look like animals and elves. They have a power of nature that gives them strength and special effects on how they fight. They can communicate with nature and animals. Solis has some kind of magic that has been taught over and over generations. They are friendly and welcome all the outsiders but with only one wrong stepped you could be decapitated.

Evermoon Project! An evolution of NFT multi-chain MOBA game style with the concept of play to earn. Everyone can get on this game and enjoy it with the same experience of the MOBA game. This game isn’t just to direct into blockchain society but everyone could experience the digital game that was delicately produced by a professional game designer that would bring everyone into another level of gameplay.☄️

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Evermoon is a MOBA NFT Game with a unique story in the blockchain world.

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